Ancestry DNA Results | I’m Irish?!

Ancestry DNA Results | I’m Irish?!

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Whats up guys! Today’s video is a little something in between and different. I took my Ancestry DNA results a couple months ago and got my results so i wanted to share them with you!

I love all things to do with genealogy and family history. Like all those TLC Long Lost Family shows lol Im hooked.

I knew half of what these results were, but i was also very surprised at my European side.

So i hope you enjoy this video. and let me know if you like this set up 🙂

Comment below if you have taken the ancestry DNA test or if you want to – what do you wanna find out?

Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. 174? dna matches only? i have 703 and my mom has 875?

  2. Irish and Asians together do make some very cute children. Your eyes are so beautiful ?☘️

  3. My goodness. What a beautiful face. It looks like a combination of some Philippines actress and singers like Shaina Magdayao, Sue Ramirez, Julia Montes, Bela Padilla, Julie Anne San Jose, and Yassi Pressman.

  4. Caucasus is the homeland of white people specifically Georgia the oldest country

  5. I'm many things genetically. But I look generically Asian. Small world.

  6. It makes sense that the people in the comments think you're Latina, because many Mestizas are usually mixed with Southern European and Native Americans who migrated from East Asia through the Bering Strait and into the Americas.

  7. this whole shit is a fake , you aren`t europeans , not western asians neither middle eastern , it just shows me how many infiltrators we got in each area.

  8. The Irish result could mean scottish or welsh, it's very misleading, there were more Ulster Scot settlers in 1740's America the Irish arrived 1840's

  9. You could be my cousin lol ya wonder how the fuck they can tell how far can they go back from the first black people who left Africa and settled in Ireland or back to the vikings Norman Celtic so many fucker invaded this country. There ya go English Irish that's the connection. So its not back from the beginning lol

  10. On first look , you look like Fulipina. And I lived amongst them…
    I would never guest European it doesn't show… maybe because no is not to vide.

    I don't know where is Irish maybe in side of body organs, it is possible. ..
    body, to Filipino. ..
    maybe little bit of Maylasian in your face.
    But rest to shore, Irish it doesn't show.
    maybe in children or groundchidren if they merry in to Irish family. ..

  11. I'd just urge caution in taking these results at face value. Northern French can get quite a bit of Ireland in their ancestry breakdown and very few ethnicities will get 100% although it does happen with some people but not with English, French or German people. If you check for that Ireland category on Ancestry (which they have now changed to Ireland, Scotland & Wales) you will see that it is also found in England and France. Ancestry tests are very interesting but you have to know what a French person or a Danish person gets on these tests just so you can compare. They won't get 100% of any category. A paper trail is the best way to know your ancestry although the dna tests are good at pointing you to a specific region.

  12. I'm boricua I'm 24% Spanish 20% Native American 11% African.

  13. What do you mean you don`t look Irish?Nearly 98 percent of Irish have Spanish blood.

  14. A female cannot take a dna test and obtain the fathers line….so we need a Brother or our Father or male cousin to test the Patrilineal dna…

  15. It's amazing how the Irish blood is everywhere

  16. There's no gene that tells race they compare genetic traits with groups you can be native American they can say you're Russian or Mongolian or you can have a gene in common with a group by coincidence.

  17. I'm 30% Italian…I knew that cause my last name is colon in Italian is Colombo and I have 11% great Britain cause is Columbus in English and 7% Iberian peninsula cause is between Portugal and Spain in Portugal is Colombo and in Spain is colon…but great results you shared…I'm just happy to be sure that I have Italian… I always had a feeling I had Italian

  18. That's wonderful to find that you are almost a quarter Irish. Now you can watch 'Darby O'Gill and the little people with a whole new perspective! Lol

  19. Do not write off your trace regions. I am a quarter Syrian, but came up higher on the Caucasus component, but got Middle East as a trace region. It is one of the main region for my uncle who is half Syrian, a major region for a third cousin born in Syria. I am guessing you have some Middle Eastern ancestry about five generations back, which is not unheard of since there was an immigration of Syrian and Lebanese people to the US in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

  20. im irish, im the opposite of what u said, tannest in my class, dark blonde and bluebrown eyes

  21. Europe is Atlantic Asia
    ,white is a Indian subrace and its languages and culture are derived from India.

  22. would not have thought u are half white..just Asian

  23. Ireland is really cool. A very rich history and culture going back thousands of years!

  24. The Irish really got around. I understand many African Americans have Irish in them which makes a lot of sense because even King Tut of Egypt had Irish in him, and that would mean the Irish were in Africa all the way back before Christ.

  25. East Asia came to US (from west to east) for gold digger and railroad maker.

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