Ancestry DNA Results Helped Adoptee Find Family

Ancestry DNA Results Helped Adoptee Find Family

This video is about how I used ancestry dna to help an adoptee find their family! I was so blessed to be able to help a few people find their families thru ancestry while on my own quest to finding my biological dad.

Please forgive me for not holding the camera the correct way making the video not fill the whole screen, lol. This was my 1st time recording a youtube video and I quickly learned that I have to hold my camera sideways.


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  1. Hi I need your help I’m doing this for my mom who never knew who her dad was and I just made her buy this ancestry test and we are waiting for the test to arrive and then do the test if we find something can you help us to find him? leave me a message if you can

  2. First off Shelly your hair is amazingly beautiful. Secondly, your soul is amazingly beautiful as well! Helping others is always the right thing to do. I love everything about this. Much love to you!

  3. I’ve been looking for my dad I know his name and I live in the same state where he live I guess that’s really scary I wonder if you could help me find my Biological family on my dad side???

  4. I have a brother and 3 sisters that we’re takin away before I was born so I never got to meet them I live with my grandma since I was four but i grew up with my parents around my dad died 2 years ago when I was fifteen him and my mom was together for like 18 years they had 3 kids together which is me and my 2 sisters my other 2 siblings have different dads but I’m always looking for something of someone that could help me find them

  5. Omg this is so wonderful! You are wonderful! You give me so much hope! Thank you for posting this!!! ?

  6. even if they had not wanted you, thats nothing to do with your worth, its about them , saying this for those that were not wanted , my grand parents did not want us , that was because they would have to take on 4 children if they took one and not the other 3 … i understood

  7. That was AWESOME Shelly ! GOD Bless you and guide you all the days of your life .

  8. I need help to find my biological father. I'm new to all this and know very little about him. I'm praying to find him or his family. I'm happy you have found some answers.

  9. This is very emotional. God bless you for what you're doing. I pray that one day you'll find your biological father. God knows all these good things you're doing, remember that.

  10. This is happening to me right now. Finding my bio dad family, finding half siblings.

  11. Hello! Maybe u can help can I get your email address?

  12. God Bless you. This was an intriguing and enlightening dna/genealogy vlog. But I have to admit, I have never laughed so hard- you were talking so fast, with tons of side stories that wove so many events, that I found myself paying close attention; you have a gift and pleasant voice to tell interesting and engaging stories. Thank you for uploading this video.

  13. Need to have my mom do a DNA test. Her baby brother was given up for adoption when he was a young boy. She has not seen him since then and her mother gave her no information on who adopted him sadly. Would be amazing if she found him. It has been since 1962.

  14. Your video spoke right to my heart. I too am an adoptee, but I am 60 ! I have been on every adoption registry since I was 20… Nothing. Forward to April 29, 2017 when I got my Ancestry DNA results. Within 72 hours I had found my biological Father, as his brother was my highest match. It took another week to find my Mother's side. So many initials for names, JRN.. Etc. Anyway I did have two second cousins show up with my last name before I was adopted. Contacted them both, both were confused but jumped in on solving the mystery of me ! Between the 3 of us and talking to my Grandmother's side, she was 1 of 15 !! We found my birth Mother. Unfortunately she had passed away , but I have 4 half-siblings. Who did DNA to confirm. Forward to Sept 2017.. I go to meet by biofather, his wife , 4 half-siblings and their families ! My Poppa never knew about me. He's 85 and was heart sick, my bioMother never told him. We have an amazing relationship as I do with my sisters and brother! I have tons of cousins,second cousins on my Bio Mother's side that knew about my birth, and have always wondered about me. We share pictures and group text… I see parts of me looking back at me. Just as I do with my Poppa's side. In May I'm off for a gathering of cousin's on Mothers side !!
    I too am now helping other adoptees search!
    God bless you !!

  15. I'm adopted and did a dna test…looking 4 paternal side. So far nothing. A bunch of 3rd and 4th cousins who don't know each other…idk.

  16. I done that before my cousin didnt match me, but we had match with other cousins. So I know we cousins.

  17. What an amazing thing you are doing, I just got my DNA test & I too am looking for my father

  18. Please, next time you make a video, stay on subject! It was very hard to follow you because you kept going on other tangents. Also, please pull your hair back or up because you play with it waaaaay tooooo much!

  19. There is a lady I know of, that found my brother in two days…if you have any information on your dad, she might find him as well, if you want to message me.

  20. I hate how adopted children are lied to!
    I was told horrible lies about my father & mother & NONE of it was true!
    They were just very young teenagers that had a baby.
    I dont even understand why the lies are made up!

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