Ancestry DNA Results (Grand-Father edition)

Ancestry DNA Results (Grand-Father edition)

Ancestry DNA result (Grand-Father edition)

Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed watching this Ancestry DNA results video. As you can see my Grand-father was extremely happy with his results. I’m sure I made some geographical errors while speaking throughout this video when mentioning certain cultures and their locations, and if i did please forgive me it was not intentional.

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  1. Ay muchos afroamericanos de sangre navajo Y cheroqui mezclada con africano Y euopeos pero simplemente se auto-definen como afroamericanos

  2. Remember, black people occupied Europe for over 6,000 year's!!!!!! Europe is not the home of the white race, they stole it!!!!

  3. Great video! Grandpa seems so nice & friendly. I like the love and closeness you have with him. Also, I can definitely see the European in your grandpa.

  4. Is your grandfather Cuban Dominican or Puerto Rican?

  5. Africa north is from his Spanish side. which means he is around 45% African, 55 % European

  6. Just bc your ancestor may have been Native American does not mean you will inherit half their markers in a fifty fifty way. It lands how it lands. For example if your grandfather was 100 Native American you would think you would be 25% right? NOPE! Not necessarily boo, you could be anywhere from 3 to 25 percent! It lands how it lands. Yes we inherit half of our parents genes but what half we get with genetic markers is STRICTLY RANDOM!

  7. My family is from New Orleans too. We have Native American, Asian, Asian Indian, AND French, Spanish, Portuguese AND Russian AND Senegalese and Nigerian. All of em boo.

  8. Interesting results. Mine came back as Cajun. My fathers side is also from Louisiana so its interesting they can know who is Creole decent and who is Cajun. I did trace my dad's side(my great-grandfather) to Nova Scotia so I'm guessing the Cajun part is right.

  9. Your pa pa well idk how you spell it but anyway your pa pa look like he gives the best hugs omg he is sooooooo freaking cute believe me i wish i could talk/see my pa pa again i have a lot of unanswered questions things i wish i asked while he was alive

  10. Bless you young man. You will be happy that you spent this time with your grandfather??

  11. All the Countrys are Caucasian. So add those up. Looks like he's half and half.

  12. You are almost identical to your grandfather. Bet his old photos look just like you!

  13. Yes, the Spanish possessed Louisiana and built some of the first schools which French people tended to refuse learning or "being" Spanish. And less than 1% is still something. If he thinks it's Choctaw then it's probably that, or even Natchez, but many of them were deported to Haiti for daring to rebel against France.

  14. His grandfather's majority European/Caucasian 57-60% , or "white",ethnically , kindof looks it other than his tan,
    he's basically a brown skin white male , with some black ancestry,its interesting .

  15. So blessed you were able to do this with Grandpa, beautiful gift for your descendants!

  16. your not african your a aboriginal american who is native to america you were already here they lied to us black ppl dna tests are a fraud

  17. Your grandpa is very sweet. He could very well have Choctaw, as the Native American part sometimes has trouble showing up. We have a relative we know was Native American on my husband's side, as she wore a white deerskin dress and her daughter (my husband's grandma) Tore the picture up!! She said "Nobody needs to know that." She was embarrassed by it. So, these tests are as accurate as those running them can manage, but all peoples are NOT in their DNA database, so it just depends. Do your own research to add to these results.

  18. Wow he 56% european
    2% middle east /africa north
    42% african.

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