This video is an update on my shocking Ancestry DNA kit results. I recently discovered that my results had changed…A LOT. I want to thank everyone for going along on this journey with me..
Since filming this video I have learned SOOO much more shocking information that I will reveal when I find out more! STAY TUNED!

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  1. I could so see you on Amazing Race! Here's hoping you get the trip to Israel, I wish other ethnic group had such a thing.

  2. I think it would make more sense to you if you did some research on migrations. A lot of Scandinavian would show in the UK because the Vikings migrated to the UK/Ireland, France etc.

  3. Do a different test. MyHeritage is based out of Isreal and is apparently more correct for the middle east and asia as their genetic pool they are pulling from is larger from people in the middle east and asia. That might help you get more accuracy and determine if Ancestory is correct.

  4. They have created new ethnic cathegories. The many little bits and pieces you had before are now mixed into them but I think mostly they are still real and just another way of looking at your genetics. In some ways their old approach was more interesting. Now they are more like other DNA companies.

  5. My results changed quite a bit too. Ethnicity results are a work in progress. If you upload to another site like 23 & me, you will get different results from Ancestry. I did some research and apparently this is new technology for any of these sites and kinks are still being worked out. I find Ancestry's results page is a bit confusing. It looks simplified on the surface, but if you're trying to dig in a little deeper about the DNA part of your ethnicity, the information is vague. Best of luck on your possible adventures!!!

  6. Interesting! It would be nice if dna/ancestry testing was more affordable or even free so everyone could do it. Might change a lot of mindsets in a positive way.

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