Ancestry DNA Results Ethiopia

Ancestry DNA Results Ethiopia



  1. Which century DNA date sample are you using as the initial reference? This is hoax.
    DNA in Africa cannot be categorized by today’s Africa’s map. The Continent was divided into different nations recently, but the people lived with free movement/migration for thousands of years.

  2. The comments,yikes,the negativity is caustic,why are people so negative these days ,all Africans need unite with blacks worldwide if you like it or not if you don't you deceive yourself period as you make yourselves easy targets for other people groups who rejoice when you hate each other (check videos of how Ethiopians are treated in Yemen)& learn ,if being identified with Blacks /Bantus offend some who feel they are mixed or rejoice in their European features well why don't they identify as Asian,white or Arab,you don't need me to tell you what will happen if you do. Food for thought,Jil

  3. There isn't enough DNA samples from East Africa especially. They lump most East Africans together.

  4. Don't get confused over white man lab. They don't have any positive thing to say about Black people in general. Ethiopia is not even stated in the data base system. It is all wrong crap ?. You are Ethiopian for more than 6000 years in the same place. No white supremacist should cause you identity crisis by calling you Arab.

  5. how come a non arab get 49% middle eastern ? i will understand 10-20% but 49% is way too much for a non arab
    i think something wrong with this test

  6. I can see you are not happy with the large arab percentage. Ethiopians are very proud africans. I have never seen a Ethiopian person claim Arab heritage. As a somalis some clan claim they came from Yemen long ago but still we(Somalis) have less arab percentage thou. hahahaha. East africans have to do more testing.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have looked at some other Ethiopians DNA results on youtube. It kind of is in the same range as a mix between "bantu", "Middle east", and "Africa North". As these results are data based. I don't think these companies have enough samples from the horn so they just are unable to identify Ethiopia or its so many tribes. It might get better with more people testing.

  8. our genes are everywhere, for me you look more Arabic than african, I guess habash empire was one of greatest so it attracts Arab and other Africans, I am Iraqi and am planning to do the test soon. best luck

  9. The Singapore & malaysia chinese should purchase this DNA tester, cos their ancestor were all raped by japanese soldier. many are walking with japanese DNA in them. disgraceful?

  10. Out of all of the black folks, who have taken this test, it seems as if I am the only one whose ancestors came from Tanzania to the US during the slave trade.

  11. these comments are hilarious! I'm not sure what people are expecting to find, but most people are hybrids, and there is only so many percentages of this , and that to make you unique from anyone else on the planet. It is what it is people!

  12. so according to this East Africans just don't exist. Agaw,Oromo,Saho,Afar etc don't exist. Only middle eastern North African and Bantu . Centuries of mine History eliminated.

  13. this is bullshit. nobody ever has eritrean, ethiopian, or Somali dna. they just lump our dna in with arabs because that is the closest they can find. they don't want to admit that we are black & semitic at the same time, because that would allude to the fact that many of the accomplishments attributed to "semites" were by people that look like us, NEGROES. its likr theyre saying arabs created lalibela, etc. I believe we do have bantu dna, and arab too from trading, traveling, and wars, but why not even 1% amhara, oromo, somali, etc? you 100% ethiopian but ethiopia is not even on your dna map wtf? if we were just bantu/ arab like they say, our languages would reflect that. Oromo and somali are cushitic languages. where is the cushitic dna area on the map? this is inaccurate. sorry you wasted your money. I'm Amhara/ Oromo BTW and I won't take a test until I see our countries represented properly. we can't overlook the disrespect because we're happy to be called "arab" fuck that shit.

  14. ppl are just too dumb..y'all know that they will keep your DNA in data base making it easier for y'all asses to be tracked down. hence, they in control! good lock with that.

  15. Most east Africans have 25%-60% arab admixture

  16. shouldn't it be the other way around middle eastern having horn Africans ancestry if humans left east Africa to populate the globe every body shld trace their roots to the first humans who lived in east Africa even if they migrate back.

  17. Thanks for sharing. These look to be typical results for a habesha, but you are not Bantu related.. This is a result of limited reference samples. The algorithm forces 100% of your ancestry into the available reference categories. Add a better fit for East Africans to the algorithm and your results will shift. Gedmatch has more suitable samples. You will still get middle east affinity, but those calculators should correctly predict you as an Ethiopian ethnicity.

  18. Why was your test so expensive? Do they charge more in Europe?
    Anyway, great results! Very Ethiopian!

  19. DO NOT BELIVE THIS BULLSHIT…this is a bullshit European made test. They classify all Africans as bantu but they are so stupid they are so many more tribes than freaking bantu. They need to do more reserch on Africa before grouping us all in one. We are not all the same. Plus we East Africans are not MIXED. WE ARE OUR OWN PEOPLE. So they need to take middle Easter out and put habesha/cushtic (which is most horners)

  20. Great results!! You have alot of Middle Eastern ancestry. I'm African American. My results came back mostly West and Central African ancestry but also 5% South Eastern Bantu. A little European and Pacific Islander. Congratulations!

  21. What were your DNAland results? Also habesha btw

  22. DNA is very interesting, but doesn't tell the whole story. The North African can be from early migrations from Ethiopia to the Sahara and then North Africa, which is why you would show affinity with them. They share common ancestry with you, or your ancestors contributed to their ancestry.

    Thing is, we have to keep in mind that modern boarders are recent political constructions. All these countries are made up of different ethnic groups wt their specific histories, so I'd take those articles with a grain of salt. It's not like they can test the entire population, so we don't know if the groups in their sample have results specific to their history or if it's shared with every single group. Habasha are one of the groups known to have Middle Eastern ancestry, but that's not the case for all ethnic groups. Regardless, it's still fascinating to see how people are connected in unexpected ways.

  23. Most Europeans can't stand to see the unity and diversity in Africa and Africans whether north south east or west.

  24. Horn of Africans have more Bantu in their DNA than west Africans or Africans in the diaspora wow!

  25. Wow so you are half middle eastern mainly Arab. Then 30% Bantu and 9% berber from North Africa. It all depends on your tribe. As some tribes have more of one cultural identity. What really annoys me is that science says that horn or Africans are related to the Berbers of North Africa 100%. But the DNA tests prove otherwise as I have always said the horn of Africans are mainly Bantu and Arab mixed but some are more Bantu. Have you had a look at your blood group.? Many people don't but that is another area to explore there are some rare groups that many are not aware of.

  26. Your results were compared to other people's dna they had collected, since no Ethiopian/East African samples were taken the test matched you up with the next closest regions which were the Middle East and Southeastern Bantu. This does not mean your are necessarily of mixed ancestry, it just means the DNA companies are giving Ethiopians and many other people misleading results.

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