1. por lo,poco de Iberico estoy seguro tiene sangre cocola de los negros antillanos llevados por Trujillo Y unos años antes desde las antillas menores

  2. I'm Dominican and is it wrong for me to say we should learn more about our Taino descent? Because we should

  3. Well,im haitian why I have 4 percent Taino I taught all death. before my African came.Im confuse.

  4. No question. Im a Black Puerto Rican but my Great Grandmother was from Dominican Republic n according to my Mom before she departed this ? she told me that Great Great Grandmother was from St Kitts !!! Helluva Journey huh ? Peace Be Upon U Hermana ✌✌✌?????

  5. You're a Dominican Bronze sister because you're majority African ?.What's your birthday ❔

  6. My ancestry came back almost identical to yours! But they updated results recently. And dunked everything into east Africa middle East native American and northeast Europe…I'm certain your results changed a lot too

  7. Very nice presentacion . Sometimes we get surprises in this ancestry DNA test ..about so little of native of the Americas is the result of the genocide of the Spaniards against the Tainos ciguayos siboneyes Caribes native indians of Quisqueya..Our African Ancestry is very higher among Dominican people that is very normal… our iberian DNA sometimes is lower or higher it depends of our late late families if they were Spaniards or mediterranean ?? ..Thank you for sharing your test its highly apreciated it ….

  8. Wait this is impossible… Every Dominican I know always say's "I no black"

  9. When Spaniards and Italians (like Christopher Columbus) arrived to the Caribbean, namely the Dominican Republic, many Taino people died of diseases spread by the Southern Europeans, which is why I think you don't have a lot of Taino ancestry.

  10. Qué tiene de malo ellà es descendiente de africanos Qué luego procrearon hijos en Dominicana ellà,es afrolatina Africans pura nacida en America tiene facciones del Bani togo en africa es todo No hay màs Qué desir bien orgullosa de ser africana

  11. This woman Look'S more AFRICAN AMERICANS then I DO.. INTERESTING..

  12. The Italy Greece results can also be from Spain and Portugal. I am Mexican and took tests from both 23andme and ancestry and I was 60% European on both and on 23andme it only showed 1% Italian and on ancestry it showed 21% Italian/Greece.


  14. 62% African, if I were you I get other DNA test. You look more taina than anything

  15. WOW this is amazing …You are like the commercial ! So basically it makes you look at this DNA and realize you are not Afro-Latina at all but really African and British! DNA is cool.

  16. I'm from regular USA…I got 4% iberian peninsula in my results and was surprised

  17. She is stunning. My granddaughter is going to look exactly like her when she grows up. I am 48% Ghana, 38% Native American (Cherokee Nation), 6%Iberian Peninsula and 5% German. The only difference is that my granddaughter has light sandy hair. Her mother has blonde hair and blue eyes. Boy do we have a mixture. I love it. ???

  18. This woman she probably didn't sleep that night all Dominicans are very racist.

  19. TFS. I really enjoyed your positive spirit. Your results were very interesting. The comments here, SMH. Could not get past a few. Its sad that people could not appreciate you sharing your results without bickering.

  20. I encourage everyone to use their country ranges to actually determine their percentages. For example, the first country that showed up was Great Britain with 25% but the range was from 12% -34%, Nigeria with 21% with a range from 2 to 41%. The only country I had that didn’t range from 0 were Great Britain, Nigeria, Senegal, and Southcentral Bantu. Anyway my test came out I’m 68% AA but the ranges say I could be anywhere from 37-67% African. So the 68 doesn’t rly make sense. It’s just an average after all which ancestry says is unlikely to be your actually percentage because of the ranges I posted above. But yeah. I’d go by your lower range instead of the estimate

  21. The majority of Haitians, 98% to be exact, are from the country of Benin….Seems like my Dominican people have some more research to do…

  22. If you know the last name of your British ancestor you can get a good idea where in the country they came from.

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