Ancestry DNA Results | DNA Don’t Lie .. But My Family Did

Ancestry DNA Results | DNA Don’t Lie ..  But My Family Did

Ancestry DNA Results | DNA Don’t Lie..But My Family Did

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  2. ? I met a guy 4 years ago he was half African and Half German

  3. People take DNA test in the hope they are related to some KIngdom and their ancestors were really important people.

  4. Thank you for being real about European ancestry most people don't want to admit that it came from rape so why would anyone acknowledge that I agree with you 100%

  5. You’re gorgeous. Love your makeup too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. you look very Ivorian and Indian from Asia the first time I saw you I thought you were dark Indian

  7. ancestry was the best one out of all em from what i seen

  8. Ivory Coast is not Ghana they are too separate countries. Congo is in central Africa not even close to Madagascar. Madagascar is an island in east Africa in which the people are mostly of southeast Asian descent

  9. My sista!! Im 45% Nigerian & 30% Congo. All together im 98% African

  10. I don't understand why being mostly 'Nigerian' was a problem for Mom. Anybody understand it?

  11. Grandma was not trying to hear that her baby girl is 46% Nigerian. LOL No, they got that mixed up with somebody else.

  12. @ESP Daniella 46% Nigeria, that’s awesome!. I am a Nigerian, and I am so happy for you. Welcome home!

  13. These tests only go back like 10-15 generations…which is approx 150 yrs…after that you can be much much more.

  14. You don't know where Senegal is sweetie. That's OK…may be u need to go and visit on your way to Nigeria. You will be happy and proud !!

  15. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 5% Mali, 2% Benin/Togo, 2% Cameroon/Congo, 2% Senegal, <1% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, <1% Europe West, 1% Caucasus, 1% North African, and <1% Melanesia

  16. I'm just starting the video, let me make my predictions You look like a Naija girl, now let me sit back and see…

  17. To all my American brothers and sisters. When it says 46% Nigerian, that has no meaning. For instance a tupical person from Eastern Nigeria, has no biological/cultural connection with someone from Northern Nigeria. A typical person from Eastern Nigeria has more in common with a typical person from East Africa. Check out surnames/words for an Eastern nigerian with those from East Africa.. I'll give you an example. You are more likely to see two consonants e.g Ny, Nd, kw,, gw ng etc in both East Africa and Eastern Nigeria and not in Western or Northern Nigeria. Nigeria is an Administrative convenience put together by the British. I hope this helps

  18. Malagasy people are "Southeastern Bantu" so that story can still be valid. Your Asian ancestry can also be proof that you are part Malagasy as Bantu's from Madagascar do have Asian ancestry from the African slave trade. You definitely do resemble Bantu Malagasy people, I'm African so I can tell lol. Why was your Grandmother unsatisfied with the results?

  19. Unfortunately, you just won't be able to cherry pick the ancestry results. It is what it is. You also have valid feelings towards, as you say, that dark time in our ancestors lives.

  20. You know who the leader of the Continental Congress was before the President right was elected the first one he was a black slave trader he brought you over here on ships because his tribe enslaved you. Don't blame white people. Blame your own ancestors. He was black he on his own shipping company and he shipped your asses here because you lost the war. Who writes the laws is the winners of the war. It's not our fault you are at riving race that's always willing to fight at the drop of a hat. You are who you are no matter what anyone thinks. By the way people was poor back then even the white people sold her kids in the United States as slaves. And I'm sure that people in Africa did the same thing hoping the best for their kids ancestors

  21. You only get 50% of random DNA from each parent so if one parent has DNA from Madagascar then you just didn't inherit any of it. Get your parents tested to know for sure. =)

  22. What did grandma think y'all were?I mean you're nearly 80% African..

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