Ancestry DNA Results | Black People

Ancestry DNA Results | Black People

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My ancestry DNA results | Black people need to know who they are. I was shocked by what I read. Of course, i’m BLACK. However, the percentage of BLACK I am was shocking to me! I’ve watched a lot of other youtubers dna ancestry results and was very shocked by the outcome. Most of my family just knows of it’s African american side. I didn’t have the craziest ancestry results, but my ethnicity is pretty mixed. As a los angeles youtuber I find that I fit into the diverse crowd out here more than I thought! I felt my ancestry results were pretty weird however from my point of view. A lot of people want to know, What’s your race? I assume they think i’m west african which is true according to my results, but i’m also part scandanvian! You can’t judge a book by it’s cover now can you, lol. Enjoy my awkward dna results!

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  1. You cant judge African ancestry by skin color. Some africans are lighter than you and are 100 percent. Also African blood can wash down anyones bloodline. It is the most dominant gene pool. Also Africans can produce offspring of many different colors simply because of how melanin is distributed.

  2. You're 17% European…… do you have a white grandparents? If not don't fall for the scam.

  3. You not almost 1/10th white, you're almost 1/5th white.

  4. You look like the son from Family Matters… Can't think of his name right now, but it was Carl and Harriet's TV son… Eddie maybe?

  5. I would have guessed about 20-25% non African. You seem to have a very rich heritage and are proud to be multi cultural. I know some people who were devastated at their results due to their upbringing and being taught certain groups of people are “lesser”. They totally had to reevaluate their position when the DNA results showed their actual heritage. Thanks for your video.

  6. the original man was white, DNA agenda, I am from Uganda but sometimes whenever i think about it I laugh

  7. I did ancestry and 23andme. I am 99.7% European LOL
    I'm mostly Danish/German/Dutch plus some Irish. This matches up exactly with what i was always told about my history. My family history is well documented.
    The interesting thing is that from 23andme they said I have trace amounts of Ashkenazi Jewish and West African. So…who knows what that's about lol I wish I could find out.

  8. I'm African British Irish Scandinavian Russian German Jewish Spanish and etc

  9. rip know a lot of Africans and they don’t like African Americans because they have no culture due to the slavery they went through the see African/ Americans lack morals. My husband even through slavery was both Congo Mali , Togo and South African. My grand children are 55% Finnish and the rest African.

  10. Lots of white people have African blood as well. I wouldn't be ashamed of any part of my lineage.

  11. No Indians came from Africa… and the Africans didn't 'migrate' – they were forcibly translocated. Furthermore, dang, you're cute!!

  12. Hello handsome, my results is a similar to yours, and I look mixed, but both of my parents are black, from my research, not all Europeans are white, some are black?

  13. Well I am surprised by my dna results. The saudi/Iraq /united emerets!!! Then Im Asian.I said surprised not appalled! I am also Scandinavian and great brittain/irish/scot/welsh and western European

  14. you are a descendant of an African. You are not African. You were not born in Africa, haven't been submerged in the culture etc. You are American of African descent. You are descended from someone who truly was African 100 or 200 years ago.

  15. Haha! Right. I had no Indian in my genetics like I was lead to believe. I'm 95% West/Sub Saharan Africa. I'm getting my passport soon ?

  16. mine is 83 percent african biggest region is cameroon 27 percent benin and togo 26 percent mali 16 percent senegal 5 percent rest trace region

  17. You have a lot more white than I thought you might have!

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