Ancestry DNA Results | Black American

Ancestry DNA Results | Black American

Hey guys,

**Skip to 3:11 to see results** Here are the results of my ancestry dna test. I’m so happy with my results. As African Americans, a lot of us don’t know our ancestry, so it was kind of important to me to do this test. As you can tell, I was a bit nervous. Now, I just have to travel to all of these places lol.

If you want to know how I felt about my European Ancestry watch here:

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  1. My results were recently updated and showed that I am about 50% from Cameroon/Congo? You are one of the few people I've seen with high Cameroon/Congo ancestry. Very cool!

  2. Lady you own Africa:) And cool that you travelled there.

  3. Be proud who you are and where you from keep it real

  4. Why do black people need to take a dna test? We all know they're from Africa Lol.

  5. Idk why y’all putting Cameroon and Congo together yet they are 2 different countries

  6. Race does not exist. Search “The Invention Of The White Race”

  7. Race doesn’t exist. We are all 1 people who come in a range of shades and colors. Search this on YouTube “The Invention Of The White Race” that documentary will change your life

  8. Make lot of sense. 84% Africa for long times then slaves then met white people that can be anywhere all-over from European…

  9. Thank you for sharing your results (I'm 20% Cameroon/Congo).

  10. Do you have any Caribbean or gullah heritage as most Jamaicans are Ghanaian then Cameroon n Congo where as most African Americans are Nigerian descent then Cameroon n Congo?

  11. Did any African American ever get east Africa on their reports like Sudan or kenya??

  12. I am shaking my head my people need their ass whooped how in the fuck are you going to live a white racist DNA test tell you where you’re from if you do have European blood it is because a black woman was raped and slaughter

  13. I can actually see the Finnish in your face really cute.

  14. Most AA do not have Native American in their DNA, although many claim to. I have seen loads of shows where AA find out they do not have any Native American. However, my daughter is adopted and she has 4% Scandinavian and the rest is African, mainly Cameroon. I have also seen other DNA results where there is Scandinavian in AA DNA, so it is not uncommon.

  15. We came from mommy wowb. Second dont believe the hip because these companies want your$$$

  16. Shorty ya ain’t African take a good look at them and look at you you are an Israelite

  17. You're sweat ! Glad to see afro descendant proud about their african's roots ! Black people are strong we have to be proud ! You're beautiful. Take care !

  18. If you have Norse blood you may have a version of CCR5… Genetics that will make your immune system SUPERIOR to that of someone with only Sub Saharan Africa ancestory..  To give you a clue, the CCR5 gene was responsible for the majority of those that survived 2 different plagues in Europe.. You hit the "F"ing lotto..  Oh and CCR5 also is resistant to H.I.V. and other viruses, this is all documeneted and they are starting to use CCR5 therapy to stop H.I.V. and other viruses..  Sista, you will survive what your African brothers cannot, much like the Spanish wiping out and the Mayans and Aztecs with small pox…   2+2=4 , why do you think that a small population of those white people conquered and created the world as you know it..?? ALSO, the Swedish RUSS, created RUSSIA and they were Norsemen/Vikings..  Learn your History.!!!

  19. How do some people think they’re American (White Race) when they’re black?

  20. 0% Egyptian or Hebrew
    but i though you were the real hebrews and egyptians !

  21. European Jewish? How can you extract genetics from a religion? Something ain't right.

  22. I found out one of my great grandmothers was Irish… that loathed my spirit I know blacks are the true Jews and I don’t want any gentile blood … so I’m nervous to do one aswell to


  24. I'm thinking about getting my DNA Ancestry testing soon. Do I look Nigerian, Ghanaian or Etc.?

  25. There seems to be a lot of blacks with High percentage of Ivory Coast/ Ghana and Cameroon/ Congo. I wonder why this is

  26. It’s weird different DNA tests give different results. I don’t get it.

  27. DNA Test are a scam people!! lol! you send these evil bastards your blood and they make test with it, drink it, or store it to use against you later!

  28. Hi, Mari, I do a lot of family history for myself and for others to help them. I really enjoyed your video here. That's amazing and wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Well done. – Dr Dave.

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