Ancestry DNA Results – Algeria – North Africa – Amazigh

Ancestry DNA Results – Algeria – North Africa – Amazigh

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  1. You aren't Algerian, nor a Kabyle Berber. Your a Negro-Arab Mulatto Sephardic mongrel. Just cause your born in Kabylia doesn't make you a Kabyle Berber at all.

  2. Azul a mmis thmurt STP supprime le commentaire du marocain "Pluraliste" c'est un sale mytho il a même pas fait le test il veut juste insinuer qu'un marocain a le même pourcentage de sang européen que celui d'un algérien, toi tu les connais pas moi je sais comment ils réfléchissent c'est des putain de complexés sur tous les plans, racialement culturellement historiquement ce que tu veux ! les pouces bleus sur son commentaire c'est tous des marocains, donc stp dhi laanayak fais le disparaître de ta section commentaire merci

  3. In internet some north african are
    84% North African
    10% Subsaharan
    4% iberian
    2% italian or sardaigne

  4. no amazigh fake amazigh you rif amazigh fake fake faux ca ne veux rien dire amazigh homme ca ce dit ajaze ou ayaze neraaouine ok ne manipulé plus les naifs salle arabe amaz est un dieux juif de Babylone ok

  5. هيتلر النازي أمازيغي حسب نتتيجة الفحص النووي له تبين أن الأمازيغيين، كما يدعوا، وجدّهم هيتلر الفاشستي من نفس الحمض النووي!
    سبحان الله لقد فضح رب العالمين البربرست والأمازيغييست بسبب تطاولهم على العرب لأن النبيّ الأعظم محمّد عربي صلوات الله عليه
    يا شرفاء البربر الشجعان والأفياء ويا عرب المغرب العربي الكبير إحذروا البربرست والأمازيغييست الخونة وعملاء الصهيونية العالمية الداعمة لهم والويلات المتحدة ضد العرب، الآن علمنا بالدليل القاطع الساطع لماذا عندهم حقد شيطاني ضد الصحابة العرب الذين خلّصوهم من الاستعباد الروماني لهم لأنّ جدهم هيتلر نعم حسب نتائج الحمض النووي تبين أن هتلر أمازيغي نعم أمازيغي، فضلاً اضغط على الرابط أدناه، وهذا يفسر عنصرية ونازية وفاشستية الأمازيغييست والبربرست لأنهم وجدهم هيتلر من نفس الحمض النووي سبحان الله

  6. Where Are Billions of People with Arabic Genetic Heritage?

    What happened to the BILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world who have an ancient ANCESTRY IN ARABIA? Yes Arabia, according to Professor Martin Richards (Leeds University) and Dr. Luisa Pereira (Porto University) based on their mitochondrial DNA research. According to these two independent and scientific institutions, the common ancestor (10,000 to 20,000 years back) was found in Arabia, and astonishingly (to them not to me) they have found an Arabic oldest ancestor that goes back as far as 60,000. How come no one has heard about this scientific discovery? Why do we have in the DNA results, Italian %, Greek, Spanish, Irish or British, French, etc. but never ARABIC? Is Italian ancestry uniquely different from Greek compared with Arabic? Who's closer to Italian Arabic or Greek? Why Arabic, the ancient ancestor of billions of people, is not there or even mentioned in the DNA results? Who's behind all of this and what's their objective? Look at some Arab Bedouins who live in remote closed areas in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab Emirates, and most interestingly in YEMEN, aren't their looks very, very uniquely rare?

    What happened to today's 500 million ARABS! Did they disappear?

    The DNA test is a TASTELESS JOKE. We find "Jewish" blood, but NEVER ARABIC, although there are many Jewish Arabs! What should the DNA results show if we have Jewish Arabs? Jewish blood or Arabic? What a joke! Wow! This is really pathetic!

  7. c'est quoi tout ces pourcentage??? faut voir haplogroupe Y qui tu dira exactement qui tu es ,, point a la ligne

  8. اغلبية سكان شمال افريقيا دمائهم خليطة بين افريقية بربرية و عربية مشرقية و اوروبية و هذا هو تاريخ الجزائر خاصة : بربر ثم فتوحات اسلامية و مجيئ العرب ثم سقوط الاندلس و اغلب اندلسيين من ام اوروبية و اب عربي او بربري فلهذا دماء مختلطة بين هذه الاعراق الثلاث

  9. I am Kabyle I come from Mekla in Kabylie, my results:
    61% from North Africa
    36% Europe (with 20% European Jews, 13% Iberians 3% Italy Greece)
    3% Middle East, Low Trust Region: 1% Mali..

  10. je voulais savoir sur quel mutation est ton haplotype Eb1b, sur la mutation est-africaine ou sur la mutation de proche orient.

  11. I mean, it makes sense to get these results, Iberian/Italian because of Romans, the Spanish also Middle East because of the colonisation by Arabs!

  12. Berbers are Invaders. Historically there were Khoisan like People in North Africa before any culture resembling berbers showed up. You berbers are pre-glacial europeans. There is enough evidence that your kind migrated into North Africa from the Iberian penisula

  13. Ta essayer avec my héritage c'est meilleure et je croie pas que tu aurais cest 20% middle east psk ancestry et 23 nme n'ont pas de données accès précise sur les genes berber et north african elle sont pas complète on vas dire

  14. Look at your Maternal and Paternal haplogroups. This defines your true origins!

  15. Partial Berber is still Berber. No one is entirely descended from 1 tribe. Anyone who has studied the history of the greater middle east understands that our empires, tribes, and kingdoms have been clashing since the time of Sumer.

  16. you are 20 pourcent arab, and yet you claim to not be arab.

  17. لا حظت انو كل جزائري يجري تحاليل يكون في اصلو كاين ايطاليا

  18. Hi I am from Algeria 7abite na3raf how you did for shipment how did you do it please

  19. North Africans are just Arabized Berbers. They have little Arabian admix. In fact the so called Arab North Africans are just Arab speaking Berbers and their dialect is very hard to understand. Moroccan Arabic compared to Iraqi Arabic is difficult, as well Algerian. Levantine, gulf, Iraqi all are mutually intelligible, including Yemeni and Egyptian.

  20. Genetic evidence shows bebers and amazigh are eurasians.

  21. this isn't true at all .. the real Berbers are the Touaregs in the Sahara and they are Blacks .. the others in the north are berberized and mixed of ancient Semitic peoples, Touaregs, Arabs, Turks, blacks and others

  22. I'M moroccan
    I see it normal because roman exist before arabs come
    and also iberian blood exist

  23. I had very similar results with my father being from Kabily.

  24. Apparently from your dna results you are much more than just a berber. You are only partly berber racially, at least, as are most modern inhabitants of.north africa. A good chunk of you is european

  25. le but c est de dire que vous n etes pas arabe? C est ca ?:)

  26. Tu es un.peu un arabe quoi! a 30%

  27. hi this Ancenstry it not very good it all people from north africa same pourcentage it like we came from same ancestor and that it fake and olso not to much details , try familt tree DNA and you will get even the hapolgroup and where it come from , ancestry it just for buisness

  28. Berbers are not indigenous to North Africa.Berbers are mixed with African blood ,Berbers yes lived in Africa for thousands of years 3000 bc .Berbers main ancestors came from the middle east and east africa mixing with indigenous northwest africans . Berbers later mixed with many others groups Romans Greeks Arabs . Before North Africa became a desert it was full of lush greenery with rivers and Black Africans,the North Africa dried up into a desert the Africans migrated south and east of the nile river but some remained .Then came along Asiatic people with their goats. Sorry got carried away ! Good results.

  29. Noth african is ratio between different admixtures. You need deep ancestry, Steppe, North Sea, east med ….etc. that's why you can have NA of 90% and still can be Nordic or Negroid admixed phenotype.

  30. I am 93% Nothwest African and 7% Iberian only…I did 23andme and ancestry DNA…I've got 0% SSA or Middle Eastern…but of course my ancestry is from the mosth northern mountaints of norhern morocco a very isolated tribe…I have dark brown straight hair,green eyes and ivory skintone with pinkish cheecks (like u see in mongol kids from Siberia lol) I have a strong bone structure…I am 184 cm tall and very skinny…my eyes are hooded almond shaped similar to asians and saami people but mine are downturned intead of upturned

  31. Hey, I'm an Indian and a big fan your the Amazigh people. How can I get to know your culture more? I love your food , songs, just everything

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