Ancestry DNA Results – A Dominican’s Story

Ancestry DNA Results – A Dominican’s Story

I find out my Ancestry DNA results and I’m surprised. I find out how much of an Afro Latino I am. I have West African, European, Native American and Middle Eastern DNA, My ancestors are from all over the world and they settled in la Republica Dominicana!
We are a mixed bag of cultures and ethnicities and my results prove it. I would recommend for everyone to take the test and find out where they’re really from.
It’s also good to definitively know that my roots are from Togo and Spain, amongst other places.



  1. Cool stuff. The Middle Eastern part could be from the same Iberian ancestors since the Moors dominated until the fall of Grenada in 1492 and there was still a significant Arab community for hundreds of years after that. I'm sure we would find the same DNA in the Spanish living there today.

  2. My results are very similar to yours ( soy dominicana tmb) only that i have ashkenazi Jewish and Asian background as well. All of it was so interesting ?

  3. Not to be a party pooper but…. I am not with all this ancestry b.s. Its cool to know where your ancestors came from but if you have never lived in France, Spain, Africa ect. Or eeven speak the language, you have no reason to be claiming yourself as such. Somewhere along the course of time, Americans decided that you HAD to be “something else” rather than simply being an American.

  4. Without Africa you never talk here buly sit I don't mine not African am taking about black side

  5. You never have 70% Africa fuck am black living Spain but espanish they are very rasicy and too much Dominican black them same they have espanish mentality.even here Spain black Dominican women are selling themselves to espanish men very nest black women.thanks black us Jamaica and hitian

  6. How did you not expect to have native ancestry.? You look straight native

  7. How comes you're surprised you've west European ancestry? Spain has a common border with France since the European continent even exists .They're neighbors right…. sometimes it's just hard to follow you people from the new world ??

  8. Most Dominicans have Benin Togo and/or Southeast African region, I was surprised to find out that Haitians have mostly if not all Nigerian DNA. I thought we would have the same as it was thought that we were the same blood line. How cool that they have one whole nation outside of their homeland, while our DNA is all scattered. But there is not much surprise here, not even the Arabic. The Arabic population rose a lot in the past century in the Dominican Republic.

  9. The people of God is in you, that phrase that the Dominican Republic is the people of God is not so crazy, I have seen many Dominicans who have the Middle East in them so weird

  10. Your Europe west is from France. That's the creole Haitian blood Dominicans hate to have.

  11. How do so many people of Hispanic descent not know they are part Native American? The Europeans came, raped the women, brought slaves, and raped them…so many mixing because of Europeans conquering the land which created the diverse Latino/Hispanic populations. (it's history…sad history…but it's what we all learned in school)

  12. Yep teller dominicans hate that they have african blood in them.europe will never claim or accept dominicans have inferiority comlex you all are mostly european features.

  13. After the fall of Al Andalus there were huge population in Iberian Peninsula from all backgrounds, shortly after the fall shortly the remaining population of Al Andalus were forced to travel to the new lands, many escaped the persecution to north Africa too, I bet this is the history of your ancestors, you will always trace the DNA of South Americans to Iberia and ME

  14. LMAO. Every time a Dominican or Puerto Rican do a DNA test there are always trolls pushing some self hate agenda and the slave master rule of 1 drop black blood unto Latinos. Pure entertainment now! LMAO

  15. You look Puerto Rican and black. That's all I can tell.

  16. Embrace all that you are bro….Great DNA results…………

  17. Thanks for sharing; I did it as well and was surprised to have 8% Native American ancestry. I was honestly expecting lower or none but apparently that's not unusual for people from the Cibao region (I'm from Santiago). I also got 8% from Ireland/Scotland/Wales, which was quite shocking to be honest.

  18. I did my DNA Test back in 2016 but haven't done a video yet lol… thing is my results are hilarious since my mother is African American and my father is Dominican from the Cibao area of Dominican Republic. I literally almost got 50/50. I had my mom do the test too we found even more interesting history that way.

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