1. We almost got the same results! ? I’m also Haitian (my parents are both Haitian) and I got : 75% African, 21% Europe and 4% Eurasia.

    Your Spain and Portugal percentage is probably from your Haitian side. A lot of Haitians get that. I got it as well : 17% Iberian Peninsula

  2. This is fascinating. Did you ever end up going to Greece? I think if you haven't you should definitely pray about it… just a feeling/nudge from the Holy Spirit when I saw the look in your eyes as you were talking about it.

  3. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) was the colony of Spain until the French Buccaneers on the island wanted a piece of the pie. There were a lot of in-fighting between the French and the Spanish colonizers so they finally settled the beef by coming to a truce and dividing the island of Hispaniola in two, which is called the treaty of Wiswyck which gave the French 1/3 of the island of Hispaniola which the French named Saint Domingue and the Spanish kept 2/3 of the island of Hispaniola which they named Santo Domingo. After the Haitian revolution, the forefathers of St. Domingue got rid of that name for the island and went back to calling it its official name Ayiti, Haïti that the Taïnos called it, which means land of mountains. I hope this little history makes it clear to you why you have Spanish in you.

  4. Wow your speaking voice sounds like the singer cindy herron from envonge

  5. Greetings. I’m Canadian born to Jamaican parents and I’m surprised to learn I have Iberian ancestry including both Spanish and Portuguese. I have 3rd and 4th cousin matches (most who are from the Azores Island Portugal as well as Spain via (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic). I have have Sicilian ancestry via my great-grandmother. By the way, Portuguese labourers mainly from the Azores Island immigrated to Jamaica and TRinidad in the mid-1800s. Still waiting to find a 100% African genetic cousin match from motherland!

  6. You never even considered at all that all that white blood from Europe that you are so proud of could be because of rape as it systematically happened to many many African/black women in Haiti and Jamaica. And dress came from "Africa" but where exactly? We are talking about a whole continent, right?

  7. I LOVE your getup in this video– your hair, dress, earrings and lipstick. Not really relevant to the video I know, but I just felt like sharing.

  8. Jamica & Haiti were both colonized by Spain before the British and French

  9. Spain invaded both Africa and the islands at different points in history. So it is plausable that your line could of mixed in Africa or the islands. You have to remember too. Some were brought to the islands to help settle them by the Spanish as slaves.

  10. Youre a pretty pecan light complexed lady,i love that lipstick.May i ask what color is it?

  11. Our percentages are almost exactly alike (minus the regions). Cool results.

  12. Most spaniards have the roman gene, hence the Italy/Greece marker.

  13. Benin/Togo is for you Haitian roots. Haiti has a massive Benin extraction. Jamaica also has the similar connection to Ghana. you should try and do more research on that

  14. Beautiful lady and wonderful results

  15. as a Brown Jamaican of Portuguese ancestry and have traced my family back to the 1500's I know my history. The Portuguese had a heavy influence in the earlier years in Jamaica. Many White French fled to the islands during the Haitian Revolution and many from Southern France has Iberian blood. There are also many Mulattoes of Portuguese ancestry there in conjunction to English, Scott and Irish. You will see many of these people in the St.Elizabeth, Junction, Treasure Beach, South Field send Westmoreland. BTW many Cubans came to the islands in the early 20th century and lived in the North Coast.

  16. how cool! I am jamaican as well and i just ordered mine from ancestry, cant wait to find out if all of my families stories are true! thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  17. Really I thought you'd be t least 40% European from looking at you.

  18. Karolyne Roberts: Damn Girl, you look good in that African outfit. I guess some things were meant to be LOL!

  19. I love your lipstick!, what is it! brand, color?

  20. I am 72% African as well and 27% British 🙂 I am 66% Ghanian! I look very mixed for a quarter white person

  21. Every "black" chick on YouTube turns out to be mixed.

  22. what a contradiction. first you said you were sure you had french blood in you, merely because some family members lived and spent time there plus you said you were sure you had British blood because of your caribean background and now you're surprised about the 22% you were hoping for anyhow. or were you hoping to be more white and less black /African

  23. You obviously don't know much about the average percentages as your African ancestry is actually on the high side for an African American. I would have guessed that you had more European in you from appearances but skin color is not really an indicator as you commonly see siblings, with the same parents, who have a range of skin colors.

  24. Remember before their was a Haiti, there was Spanish controlled Santo Domingo & Hispaniola in the 1400s, until the French came, so it would make since, if your ancestry, on paper, goes back to the time of Spanish only colonialized West Indies, it is not unreasonable to think that an Island that shared space with Spain, France and Maroon community of free Africans( who became free during the first wave of Wolof people of Senegalese-Gambia slaves lead the first rebellion in the 1500s against Christopher Columbus) would have genetic ties to all three ethnic groups. Jamaica also share a similar history, except the Spanish British, and Jamaican Maroon communities make up the earlier Ethnic groups and settlements.

  25. Sis , your caucazoid percentage probably is caused by your ancestors being raped by our current day oppressors parents ….i'm sorry that your caucazoid percentage was so high.,,,,

  26. The Iberian Ancestry could come from a Dominican ancestor. That would make the most sense given the history of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

  27. Cool results 🙂 Your Spanish ancestry is not surprising since Haiti and DR border each other. And I read that Benin/Togo is a commonly high result for Jamaicans (and other British West Indians). I had 44%!

  28. Your African percentage is similar to me. I am 79 percent African, 19 percent European, and 2 percent Egyptian/Arab and Native American which I think native is from the Arawak Indians in Jamaica especially since my mom is from St. Ann, Jamaica. DNA is interesting.

  29. Video hasn't started too much yet but you are drop dead gorgeous! ??

  30. Your Haitian side definitely has Spanish roots. Spain actually invaded the island before France took over.

  31. Youre beautiful. and im happy youre happy with your results

  32. Jamaica would have been a colony of Spain before the British claimed the island. That could also be one reason for the Spanish blood. Christopher Columbus was Italian but sent to the Caribbean region by the King and Queen of Spain. They would have been the first European settlers. It is interesting that there was no discernible British blood since the British were the last to have control over Jamaica before independence. I am from Trinidad and all of these ancestry DNA results have me so curious to see what my mix is.

  33. Very interesting results. If I had to guess… I'd say, your Haitian side has spanish roots. Maybe some of them were actually Dominican? I only say this because of the Iberian, Italian, and Caucus regions as well. Since Haiti and DR are on the same island, it's not far fetched to think you could have both in your DNA.

  34. Aww i'm from Togo and Ghana- that's so cool. Hey sista ????

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