Ancestry DNA Results

Ancestry DNA Results

A huge thanks to Ancestry for sending me a kit! If you’re on the fence about doing one—totally do it! COMPLETELY shocked by my top %!
1. 27% Western European —Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands
2. 23% Irish
3. 20% English, Scottish
4. 15% Spain, Portugal, Italy
5. Bunch of tiny % from all over

Sorry for the low volume on the second part, camera died and had to film with my phone which obv. wasn’t the best idea, haha.



  1. You should see or show how much it’s changed since more people are in the database and has helped narrow it down more.

  2. I had no idea your whole name was Alexandra! How beautiful!

  3. I just love the little drawers in your kitchen. Lovely!

  4. LOVE the music… You didn't mention the 4% NON-European

  5. This just proves how fucked up people are when a WHITE person doesn't understand that they're actually European.

  6. Wow! you are European? I would have never guessed. I thought you were from somewhere around Uganda or the Republic of Kongo.Damn, these DNA scientists are good! Maybe I should send them a hundred dollars and my photo and see if they can somehow find out where I originate from because when I look in the mirror I can't guess which continent I am from.

  7. Why did Ancestry send you a kit? Any way, good results and thanks for sharing.
    I have a Family Tree channel if you are interested? Please pop over say Hi and sub if you enjoy it 😉 x

  8. Awesome! I'm waiting on mine still. My brother Allen bought me my kit for my birthday. I sent it in February, so I'll have to wait awhile.

  9. The level of resolution (test sensitivity) was about as Jennifer Aust says: the regions you could get a percentage of were European, African and American Indian; that was all. Today, the resolution is more like a dozen locales, and of course marketing for the company will tell you twice that. The difference is not in any better a test, but rather a larger and growing database to compare your ancestors against (which you, getting tested, have helped expand). The test is known as an "autosomal"test, because it depends on your cellular DNA without regarding mitochindrial DNa or the sex determining chromosomes. It pins down the locations where your 32-64 ancestors 6-7 generations back lived in, in the 1750-1800 time frame before travel became easy and local population groupings were still somewhat insular and faintly inbred (local wives were much easier to find than exotic ones). Its rather inferential and statistical in nature, subject to that discipline's strictures on samples sizes, drift and other caveats.

  10. Just know submit your DNA to any website and now the government has a profile of you as well

  11. your mostly Irish.. western Europe is a mixture of loads of countries including Britain

  12. i just did the same thing. going to mail it out tomorrow

  13. The darker area just highlights the main places in the "Primarily Located in" list, and then the lighter areas are where it touches other countries. It's the same on everyone's map.

  14. I sent mine in like 2 days before you and I just got an email the other day saying that my results are taking longer than expected because they are super busy. ?

  15. This has peaked my interest!!

  16. So cool! You and I must be related, many of ours are similar. Wahoo!

  17. it's like a pregnancy test what did you win lol God bless you

  18. when did you send off your test? im just curious because as you were im anxiously waiting my results 🙂

  19. You can hardly hear your husband. Some of your voice is really low too.

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