Ida and Silvia test their dna with Ancestry DNA and get some unexpected results!

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  1. I would never have guessed african thats so wierd yuo look asian maybe you hide your african characteristics through makeup, surgery, hair straighteners ect

  2. "native americans" are asians from inuits who migrated down and are very close to the east asians

  3. Why is it I feel like I just watched “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?”

  4. Kinda surprised bc she got that completely asian face , obviously ?

  5. 65% Britain
    21% Native American (Mexico)
    5% Ireland
    6% Senegal
    3% Native American (Andean)
    My other regions were Mali, Nigeria, Basque, and France.

  6. Venezuelan:
    26% Spain
    24% Native American – north, central, south
    16% Portugal
    15% Native American – Andean
    3% benin / Togo
    3% turkey and the Caucasus
    3% France
    3% Cameron / Congo and southern Bantu peoples
    2% Senegal
    1% Basque
    1% Middle East
    1% Mali
    1% Ireland and Scotland
    1% European Jewish

    So 51% European, 39% Native American, 9% African and 1%. Middle eastern

  7. Both lovely looking and happy women, regardless of your dna, but still so much fun/exciting to do!!

  8. No, you are 37% European, 31% African and 28% Native American, so that you are least Native American.

  9. These DNA tests lie alot. I've taken all 3 of the major testing companies and they're not the same and got them because I work for one currently and wanted to branch out for accuracy. One of the companies has a policy to tell 80% of test results from western counties they are random percentages from African regions and this is not being honest.

  10. Hey Daebak… let me just say this…. What's up my nigga!!! Oh yeah

  11. Did you get updates? Everyone got updated results recently, yours will have changed you should make another video about it if so. All my low confidence areas vanished completely for mine and I'm only British and German now.

  12. I've realised all these people don't want to be African, when they say Africa, they are not excited.

  13. I have never taken a DNA test but I am 100% confident that I am 100% African by genetic markers.

  14. Mexican:
    30% native American, 28% Spaniard, 12% Italian, 8%Portugal, 6% mali 2% Senegal main ones

  15. I’m half Peruvian and half Dominican and I took that that dna test and I’m 42% Native American -Andes. Which means I’m from the mountains ? and I got 2% Native American as a general region

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