1. From what i know thats all you need is 1% native american to be in the Cherokee community pluse evidence of a ancestor that is traced back to the constitution that was created by the tribe

  2. Dude, don't believe this. I had mine checked, zero native American at all. I have more African than native but showed overwhelmingly white. I think they based it on my name.

  3. I guessed the results already, when I heard "Cherokee"

  4. There is a HUGE HUGE myth that was propagated HEAVILY starting back 70 or so yrs ago that both black and white Americans have a significant amount of Native American ancestry, but it's just not the case. The Native Americans did NOT outbreed very much at all, in the past. That has only really changed in the last 4 decades, and currently Native Americans outbreed at a rate of 69%. Even though there are significantly more NA's here in America today than there ever were here, they won't be around in a hundred yrs, as they have miscegenated to such a degree that they will have ethnically cleansed themselves.
    This is why people shouldn't encourage miscegenation for everyone, as it eventually remove all of the wonderful differences and cultures of each of the various groups and those distinct people will complete disappear from the Earth, which is a sad thing, indeed!

  5. genuine native americans have already been wiped out in the us..

  6. This is crazy because you look like my family. Like we could be cousins.

  7. Try testing with another lab and research info census records. I’m hearing mixed results. Stick with with the Native American if it gets you laid or a casino job. After all, tattoos are your proof. Every politician lied to get their job. Just be a good person and the best son to your parents. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wooooooooooow! I mostly look African American cause my mom is black. But I took the ancestry test and I'm 22% Native American Indian.

  9. So how did these myths get started among Blacks.The majority of American Blacks believe they have American Indian blood in them but in reality according to most DNA testings 95% of American Blacks have 0% American Indian in them.

  10. I had the Italian pegged right away. Thought you might have ancestors from the North around Florence.

  11. You dont look like anything white european except your skin is little lighter.

  12. Those tests are frivolous because it lists Political statuses which are Black and White with Nationalities like Native American Or even continents like African, European or Asian

  13. You look mixed. Anyone born on the land is considered Native American according to legal definitions but indigenous peoples are only the copper colored peoples most call American Black. The 'Native American' you described are mixed kids like Mestizos and Criollos

  14. We're both Virginia guys! Ah man, I'm sorry you're disappointed in your 1%. I'm 89% African, 2% Native American, and 9% White. I'm not gonna get a tattoo, but sometimes you have to be skeptical about the stories. You have some delicious looking nipples by the way <3

  15. We have a one drop rule… that's all it takes. We can make you a blood brother with one drop of our blood. Cut our finger, your finger put them together. …now you are our family. That's how it works. Peace, walk in beauty.?

  16. Lols idk why you thought you were native maybe they got it confused for the African lols

  17. Hello you people need to decondition and look for a reality you live in no the reality you want to believe saludos

  18. lol you look like a native american. Nah, she doesnt have to be 2% just cause you are 1%. She could be 20% and you are 1% Did you get to test her, at all?

  19. I too was told that my Dad was half Hawaiian, half Portuguese. My Mon, half Native American, English and Irish. Lie! Me, 19% Hawaiian,25% Portuguese, 8% Native, the rest assorted white. Bummer!

  20. Your just you. Melungeon is a word people use for tri racial persons. I am Melungeon,however I thought I was white till recently a new found cousin from my grandfather that died when my mother was 2 said we have Native American. My DNA test shows 97-98 % European 1% African 1% Asian. I recently did a test from ftdna called D9S919 a autosomal SNP to check for Native American.

  21. I believe pow wow .com has a native American DNA test, I would try that one. You never know it might be a mix up.

  22. I can somewhat relate. My whole life, I was told I was English, Cherokee, and Shoshone. My ancestrydna results show only 11 percent English and no Native American. To my surprise, I have Scandinavian and Spanish ancestry.

  23. First of all; your results DO NOT bust any family history! You only get half of your ancestry from each parent. And remember your parents only get half of their parents. So you have a quarter of each of your grandparents!! As a brother to your siblings have each one get tested! And if your parents are alive have them tested!!

    I have my mother tested (dad is deceased); I had m6 parental aunt and uncle tested! It was mind blowing how different we each are! I have more Spanish than my mom; less African, more European! Both of my dad’s siblings have Orcadian ( island above Ireland) which I have NONE! Secondly, upload your results to GEDmatch they have ethnicity projects and are said to give the best most accurate admixture percentages! And start watching admixture (DNA ETHNICITY PERCENTAGES) YouTube Videos to see how we inherit our ethnicity! Lastly, there is a big difference between autosomal (family finder) dna & y-chromosome & x-chromosome and mitochondrial dna! Find your haplogroup for your y-chromosome AND for your mitochondrial dna!!! Please take the time to familiarize yourself with National Geographic Genome 2.0 and Family tree DNA. As these last two are expensive; go to GEDmatcg first. But look at you tube results for the others. I only can hope you see this comment; since you posted over a year ago. I’ve taken four different tests and maybe if I had found GEDmatch first; I would have only taken one plus GEDmatch. But I’m so glad I did my homework and tested other family members. Unfortunately as a female; I don’t have a Y chromosome (and my dad could only give me the x he got from his mom; but was that the x-chromosome she got from her mom or dad?? Hmmm). You are in a unique position as a male to test your Y-chromosome which rarely mutates; so you will have a truer look at your dad’s dad’s etc…. you lucky male! My uncle is my dad’s half brother; so short of finding out my dad had a son we didn’t know about…..I’ll never know that ethnicity. I really hope you get this. Your disappointment has me feeling sad.


  25. You are who you are. Beautifully and wonderfully made by God. They are from where they were from. I believe native american is not represented well in these tests. I am waiting for my sisters dna now. I was told ggrandma was native american. None. Afer doing my family tree it was already debunked. But you have italian and I think that put it all together. Cant wait to see how much italian my sissy has. Good luck on your journeys.

  26. Hello I just figured out ..I m 100 percent …. I m who I m … saludos

  27. Hello you are 100 percent homosepian. That test can not tell you ethnicity. it only can tell you biology, you human continuity. Examples Iberians name of a geographical location, biology of many liniaje, Catalanes, Celts, Castellanos, Basques, ECT ethnic groups. Hope this helps to decondition the commercialization of ethnic diversity

  28. Don’t feel bad, pretty much everyone in the US thinks they have Native American ancestors. Your mixture of black and white features are different than the norm so it’s completely reasonable you would assume your more Native American. At least you know you have at least one Native American ancestor. I’m a bit mixed and have had a similar experience where I realized I was a different race in my 20s.

  29. I grew up as well with the idea that I was Black, White and Native American – being most proud of my Native American heritage. Well, imagine my shock and disappointment to find out that it's only 0.1% !!!

  30. You look native American honestly. I'm surprised. We're the same mix pretty much but look so different. I got like 25% black, 70% white and 4 or 5% asian/native american (1% of it was native American the rest was central asian which was surprising- was always told we had a Seneca ancestor. Not an Afghan one ?)

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