Ancestry DNA Native American dna African Americans

Ancestry DNA Native American dna African Americans

Explanation on why Afro-Americans of the United States of America receive smaller percentages of Native American dna than expected or none at all within ancestry dna test result ethnicity estimates, and also in respect to the most common way Afro-Americans mixed with Native Americans,…under what context. What tribes most commonly mixed with the Afro-American population pre-civil war.



  1. Very informative. I have less than 1% Native American DNA according to 23andme.. FTDNA says it’s North American DNA. My mom and great aunt has less than 1% and it shows as South American.

    Many people say it’s just noise because it’s so minute. ?

  2. Ancestry doesn't test well for Native American DNA. I uploaded my Ancestry results (which showed no Native DNA) to and the tests there showed it right away. I confirmed it further via 23andMe. Upload those results to GEDMatch. I'm putting a link to the spreadsheet so you can check for Native American ancestry and others. BAM!! 🙂

    You will need to download Ancestry to your desktop but do not upzip the file. Then upload to Also, when you do that, check out "One to Many" besides doing the spreadsheet tests. Don't expect a fancy site from GEDMAtch, it's a bare-bones site. But it's right on.

  3. KNOW THIS IF YOU COME in this comment section talking about blacks are the real Indigenous people of the Americas, Hebrews, or all Moors your comment will instantly get deleted, and you will get blocked. So go ahead and release your spit on the floor, tiny fist thumping, child like temper tantrum, by pressing the dislike button trying to get someone to give a two cents about your life in general,….Lol!!!!

  4. Pleas provide documentation and sources regarding your statements please…..

  5. Man i can on your page to say some of your so called facts are false brown black cacasoid people? I want u to show me one specifically pertaining to those European Arab invaders in North Africa. They are not get your facts right.

  6. Well, I did 6 DNA sites and four of them said 1 percent native american, myheritage said 1 percent east asian. And the other report was ambiguous. wegene said I was not asian but american, who should I believe?

  7. Very good job your better than Native American historians.

  8. One of my populations was Inuit on Wegene.. any idea which tribe has Inuit origins?

  9. Thanks a million for sharing !:) Thumbs up from Dublin (Ireland)! 🙂

  10. Most of yall dont got any indian ancestors simple

  11. Correction we are not closely related we are related. North, Central and South America share the same DNA.

  12. Loved you video! Confirming everything I have researched and then some! You are very resourceful and articulate! Can’t forget intellectual! Love how you broke everything down for others who want to twist history. Facts are facts!

    Interestingly … I took my 23 and me …. my results came up as expected from what I have researched with a few surprises.

    I am Guatemalan , but came to the U.S as a baby. My dad is. Very native and Asian. And my mom is what they. Call over there “ladino “ which means a lot of European blood-full blood. What’s funny is I came out to be 50.70 Native and 11-12 Asian, 32 euro , 2.3 Africa north/sub Saharan/Central/ middle eastern, Oceania…. my euro was mostly Iberian, with small percentage of ashkenazi and nw Europe.

    This means my mom has some native and and with a little African and mostly euro. Which when I see her she has some physical traits that u can not deny . And my dad well he looks native and Asian with Oceanian hair type and even lip color… if that makes any sense.

    What’s even cooler is that my last name is Mayan/Chinese/

    But in creek (kaw nation). It was a band in their circle (“Xuya”- my last name , which means white or golden eagle in Sioux language. Also my last name is a Turkish / Australian word…..

    So what you are saying is all correct and fascinating!

    I love connecting dots and analyzing!

    I cannot wait to learn more and break down all of my family ancestry down. I’ll be looking g into wegen and dna land . Any advise or resources please let me know….

    I will be ordering that book too.

  13. Good day, I hope that you are still researching because you are making some questionable statements. Do you know that Haplogroup Lf3 out of Africa populated continents all over the world ? Also that Africans are the first Americans , that the Mound Builders were most probably Africans? There are several very good books one that you might like is "Africans and Native Americans The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples" by Jack D Forbes Despise is a very negative word and emotion indicates that growth is needed. We have all been lied to honest research is needed and the truth needs to be told. Hopefully you and others can handle and will recognize the truth and disseminate the truth. Peace Brother

  14. A lot African Americans are so obsessed with being Native American. They are so delusional.

  15. Because they were lying about having native blood. Real answer.

  16. Also could you tell me how you feel about the haplogroup info you got from wegene ? As for accuracy?

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