Ancestry DNA: My Test Changed In A Year???

Ancestry DNA: My Test Changed In A Year???

In this video I’ll show you the differences in my ancestry DNA test a year after I took it. Ancestry DNA has improved their systems so this update is supposed to be more exact.

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  1. has me kind of tripping out too, I know I am of African descent and that is basically unchanged, I also had North African, Italian, Greek, Finland, Polynesian and Northwest Russian heritage too. Now with the new update, all those areas have vanished except the all of the African part ( Which stretches all the way from Mali to South Africa and Madagascar) and now I also have on my DNA profile in the other ones place, Ireland and Scotland, France and Spain as well as the Baltic States, now I am kind of like WTF????

  2. I'm really annoyed I feel cheated over the changes. Mine changed drastically. I don't even know now

  3. my mother was 100% Italian her parent came from Italy.. they look 100% Italian.. they said she was french.. english.. Irish.. no Italian,, I have no Italian and no French I'm Irish . German. how is that more accurate.. where before we where Italian

  4. They changed my ethnicity, but I think they’re out of their tree with their up date. Too substantial of % change. I know we’re all supposed to be impressed with the narrowing of results, and I understand how we get different DNA from our parents, and sometimes something skips over someone, but telling we I’ve gone from 21% of something, down to 3%, well, these tests are Willynillie now.

  5. The first 5 million white people in the usa were english so the english part is not surprising.Plus you have blue eyes and brown hair,(i think)which is one of the main characteristics of an english woman.Most english women are brunettes with blue eyes which is a quite distinctive trait.

  6. AncestryDNA in my opinion has lost all creditability at this point with the updates, it makes me skeptical and I feel can't trust or believe their information.  I called and spoke with AncestryDNA customer service to learn that they will make update changes again in the future once they receive my blood samples. Therefore you shouldn't get attached with this information because it will change…  I find it peculiar that they have erased Countries off of your Ancestors list just because they've added more samples??? Wow its strange and I've decided to quit this service, I've deleted/cancelled AncestryDNA account… their junk science isn't for me.

  7. Mine changed two.

    My old results:

    41% Scandinavia
    27% Ireland/Scotland/Wales
    10% Europe South
    09% Europe West
    06% Finland/NW Russia
    04% Great Britain
    02% Iberian Peninsula
    <1% Caucasus
    <1% Native American

    My new results:

    65% England, Wales, and NW Europe
    16% Ireland and Scotland
    11% Sweden
    04% Norway
    02% Germanic Europe
    01% East Europe and Russia
    01% Native American, N, C, and S

    It did make sense, as my family has historically came from England, France, and Germany (65%), and I guess most of my German is included in the 65%, because I only have 02% Germanic Europe now.

  8. It changed again 2 days ago.. it makes me not believe in it anymore. They change the percentages in the countries.

  9. My update went from 17% Irish to 0% and my 9% Italian went to 0%! How is this possible?? I wondered where the hell the Irish came from in the first place!?? AND my 7% France went up to 37% France. Starting to wonder if this is for real….

  10. Northern island was an English prison colony so because some family came from Ireland it doesn't necessarily mean they are of Irish blood the UK is very mixed into together

  11. This almost feels like a back log and they are not able to do the test within the time specified, so they give you a bunch of country's randomly at the start and then they do the test when possible and tell you the truth?

  12. Your Spanish DNA is interestingly low for being half Mexican 🙂

  13. my sister had asia central in her original dna results but after the up date it disappeared. it still shows up on mine

  14. The best part of you is the Mexican. NATIVES WHO FOUGHT THE COLONIZERS ✊?

  15. I am wondering if my will change.. I would expect the low confident regions to change…

  16. "European Jewish"? WTF… Why do these tests keeping adding 1-3% Jewish to literally ALL DNA tests? Are these companies Jewish or something? Me and my friends all got 1-3% Jewish, like wtf??? No way! Looking at all DNA tests on youtube like literally everybody has 1-3% Jewish…. nothing against Jews but keep that shit outta there plz, all Jews come from Israel, there is no such thing as "European Jewish", why not add "European Christian or Muslim" aswell…. wtf…. it doesnt make sense…

  17. Seeing the new categories is really cool, I hope my update comes soon, it's been exactly a year since my original results. Looking at the trends, my British/Irish should increase, Scandinavia/Europe West decrease – but we'll see. The Scandinavian/west Europe result didn't match other tests so sounds about right.

  18. I did a Living DNA test. It was fairly expensive but very specific. It even pinpointed which 2 out of three Balearic Islands in Spain my ancestors came from. Very cool.

  19. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 5% Mali, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, 1% North African and <1% Europe West

  20. I wonder what's the overall genetic difference between Spain and Portugal that narrows it down to either one .

  21. Your results said 23% Ireland, Scotland and Wales three different countries!!! You only said Irish

  22. I got my update. The main regions are the same, but the percentages changed A LOT. Granted, I always take those with a grain of salt anyways because those are just educated guesses. I just ordered a 23 and me kit so I can compare!!!

  23. A lot of Mexicans and Latin Americans were showing up more Italian than Spanish, because Ancestrydna was confusing Spanish and Italian/Iberian DNA (understandably – the Romans occupied and helped populate a lot of Spain). Since the update, my Italian (I'm Mexican) and most latinos has gone from 30 to 0 and my Spanish/Iberian went from 16 percent to 38 percent. I think it's a good update at least as far as those countries/more accurate.

  24. Good video ! I'm British and did my Ancestry DNA test last year with Europe West being my largest region 55 % but since the recent update Europe West has completely vanished. I happen to speak French to a high level and have a surname with Norman French roots dating back to the Norman Conquest of 1066 and had hoped to have some Scandinavian ancestry as well but nothing came up.

  25. how is that your results updated and pimpoint countries and my results didn't ???

  26. Hello Spain and Ireland share many genes due to migrations to the north of the South strange thing due to the cultural shock of our nations Miss Amber I hope it does not cause you a negative impact a greeting from Spain

  27. I'm still waiting for my update. The 23andme update was pretty accurate, so im curious to see how they compare. Out of five family members who have tested, only my grandma has received the update. Her first test said 92% Europe East, 3% Jewish, 2% Caucasus and then <1% trace each regions(Bantu, Middle East, Asia South, Europe South). Her new result has only three regions: 83% Europe East & Russia, 15% Baltic States & 2% Jewish. Her genetic community is spot on, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary (She's Carpatho-Rusyn).

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