For as far back as I can remember, I grew up knowing that where I’m from (South Africa) my whole family is Coloured (Shock horror- yes it’s the only place in the world where it is politically correct to be referred to as a stand alone race) and nobody could tell me how many generations ago, the mix of two or possibly more races happened, or how it was even possible for us to all be labeled the same as such, and the only common denominator we shared was our light skin, with some of my family having green eyes and blonde curly hair, or straighter Indian thick and beautiful long locks with darker skin. We also eat different types of food from a lot of pastas (so could that mean we’re part Italian?) along with curries and savoury dishes (Indian Maybe?) I mean my mind would run a million miles an hour thinking of the possibilities, so as you can imagine there was always apart of me that was interested in finding out where exactly we come from, and even with my own research and guesses prior to taking the test, believe me when I say the results SHOCKED the hell out of me too, but of course will also answer all your questions regarding “What exactly is she?” that I see all to often lol. I hope you guys enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it!!


And stay tuned for opportunities that I will be opening up to you guys. This Youtube channel is going to be nothing like I’ve done before and I honestly cannot wait to share my next chapter with you guys!

Thank-you all for your love and constant support – it never goes unnoticed.




  1. DNA Testing Centers are for entertainment purposes not for factual results they are guessing!!!!!!!

  2. I also did the intolerance test and found out I’m intolerant to eggs and was sooo disheartened. I almost cried cuz I eat eggs everyday (well not anymore ???)

  3. it doesnt mean you're everything. they're just giving you the broad countries that make up the entire region, same as they do with everybody else.

  4. I am a South African coloured and ordered my tests so I am really excited to see what the DNA results will be! According to my dad, he is Moroccan, so let's see what it is!

  5. these tests are such a i cant even

  6. Sorry l hope l dont make you feel horrible, but just take it with a grain of salt. They only test less than 1 percent of your dna and compare it to a small sample group thats why your results are all over the place. Paper records are far more reliable (historical records). Im not surprised that they didnt put that your dna comes from all over the world. Its a waste of money…especially for mixed people because they can really scam you the most. Generally if you suspect you are something or from somewhere you are most probably right. I would go by that. I guessed you had Indian in you from seeing your father once, l guessed you had Bantu in you because of your body shape and European. You could have just asked…l would have told you that for free. Asia is mixed up so they can not tell if a person if from India or Pakistan because they share the same dna..same with Europe. Really the same can be said for everywhere. African people are blessed because we have an oral tradition of passing on our families stories, but other places they dont have such. Do more research about this before you go asking for citizenship :). There is lots of info out there about dna and such. And if you understand world history and how people moved, then you will know why your results are so broad. Its because they really dont know. Less than 1 percent remember that. Just like psychics ..and horoscopes..sometimes they are spot on other times they can say anything and it could be talking about anyone in the world.

  7. This world is not what you think it is they will use your spit as dna to clone you

  8. Omg every time New Zealand gets mentioned in a video I like it.

  9. so white people own some Africa too ??????? they think they own everything

  10. intereting story. would have never guessed! im from NYC and in the bronx you look like a typical light skin girl but very beautiful

  11. I'm thinking about taking both of these tests. I've already taken 23 & Me…

  12. next video should be meeting your 4th cousin lol

  13. Omg she is khoisan now i feel ignorant bc i thought she is mixed but still dont want to visit south africa as long the whites control it ???

  14. i think you look like Somalilanders so your DNA much Adam`s DNa lol

  15. So basically you are from everywhere! You are the representation of what every race mixed together would look like.

  16. Just a beautiful mixture of everything lol. Your family lineage has been everywhere

  17. I have khoisan yay!!!! Hello sister ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Wow! You're basically a one woman United Nations! I've never seen one where someone is basically from everywhere.

  19. I always thought all black South Africans look like Nikita. But of course I forget there are white south Africans too.

  20. What's your entire percentage break down? U didnt say all the percentages. They say coloureds of south Africa are the most mixed race racially diverse people in the world.

  21. Griffe or afro marabou 33% European. 67% black?

  22. “I’ve got a white fourth cousin … Hi Dorothy !..” ????

  23. Hi is this the updated results. they updated and sometimes changed regions.if not can you share results if different.

  24. Your mom's DNA makeup is going to be different from yours.

  25. So fyi your mom's DNA is probably WAY different from yours. You might be 11% white, but she could be 30% or 0%… would be interesting if she got a DNA test done as well

  26. Now i wanna do the ancestry dna test

  27. So Nikita's biggest percentages are 29% black South African and 21+ percent European. The remaining +/- 50 percent ranked from highest to lowest are: South followed by East Asia, Khoisan, Polynesia and Middle-East. With a little West African sprinkled in.

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