Ancestry DNA: My Results, Experience, & A Few Surprises!

Ancestry DNA: My Results, Experience, & A Few Surprises!

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Hey yall! Im back with a really exciting video about discovering my ancestry and I wanted to share the experience with you guys.

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  1. Oh by the way you can pass Fulani as well. I’ve visited Nigeria many times and you do look like them. From what I know they are in other countries as well. From what I have been told they originally come from North East Africa.

  2. Interesting you are 3% North African. I haven’t seen many African Americans with Africa North. I bet when they do the update you prolly have more of that and East African. A little known fact. Some slaves were sold to Americans by Arabs especially when it became illegal to import more slaves from West Africa. Arabs enslaved East Africans and many of them have Africa North DNA. Some even have half because the Arab slave trade went on for so long….. over 1000 years.

  3. You are beautiful. Spaniards like Italians and Portuguese etc are all Latin Europeans. You can see the Spanish features in your face. All you African and European ancestry created a beautiful queen.

  4. What u know about jollof rice lol come in Ghana so u can eat she is beautiful

  5. I only have one problem with this video…the fact that you prefer Ghanaian jollof rice! Girl, everybody knows Nigerians make the best jollof rice! Lol! Great video, sis.

  6. girl am a full Ghanaian with your type of nose full lips the entire family you will not believe how you look like my aunt seriously

  7. I just need to know where that lipstick came from???

  8. Damn, cameroon can't get no love ?

  9. Nice vid❤
    If you were native American. Then you would be Asian. As they have proven native Americans North and south are from Asia. Going back over 10,000 years ago and the migration.
    Ethnicity is different from race as you can only be one or a mix of all three of the mongoloid races. ?❤

  10. I think you resemble the Mowry (Tia and Tamera) twin sisters. Thanks for sharing.

  11. not all african tribes are 100% the nubia in sudan those dark humans are aactually around 20% middle eastern..the fulani and swahilis are also decendants of is very mixed.

  12. Ancestry DNA: busting the Native American myth one by one.

  13. Portuguese and Spanish were heavily involved in capturing and selling enslaved africans so it's no surprise when AA turn up with Iberian DNA.

  14. You got some cool results. I think you may perhaps look a lil Egyptian. You have a likable personality; and your hair is pretty.


  16. I don't buy that! You don't look like you are from Ghana. My family is from South Carolina, saint Helena Island and I am Senegales Fulani. I have similar features as yours and I am 5'10. The spain and portugal probably comes from the Sephardic Jews who settled in Charleston and were absorbed into the black population, because they passed as Indians. The reason you didn't find any british is probably because your family was owned by a Jewish family. Go back and look at the freedmans roster, and they were probably also set free way before slavery ended and owned property.

  17. Caught myself dancing (a little shoulder shrug lol) to the background music while watching ? Thanks for sharing.

  18. You look like the beautiful West African you are. People kill me with throwing features only to one region Africans have the most diverse phenotype of all people. Big ups sista!

  19. I like your DNA results, and you really do have a unique look. Also, you actually may have Native American ancestry, just too many generations back to show up in the test. You may want to check out some North African ancestry DNA videos. A couple of them are Ancestry DNA Results – North African | Algerian | Moroccan | Egyptian (by Moor King) and Ancestry DNA Results – Algerian/North-Africa/Amazigh (by Manuel O.).

  20. The Portuguese controlled the slave trade on West African coast.

  21. were black Amerindian. Get the book The First Americans Were African; the book is on Amazon. Most African Africans have very little to no (Mongol) native American DNA but are more so related to black native Americans

  22. You are right about African Americans in the Carolina, Georgia and Florida region being part Native American but most of them

  23. Your Iberian explains your facial structure, beautiful long narrow face.

  24. That African North either came from the Fulani because they are a nomadic people or made Senegal because most of the moors ( at one point) were mostly of Senegalese decent.

  25. You might have Fulani blood because of the 3% North African. The Fulani are West Eurasian admixed via North Africa. So in a dna test Fulani blood will return West Eurasian admixture. So maybe miss thing you do have Fulani blood.

  26. When I saw all those old maps of Africa before slavery made by European cartographers, it all made sense to me why everyone looks like more than one group. Why? Most are all related. Those maps and documents blew my mind. I guess we are all awakening to who we are and what it was in the time of our ancestors. Love these vids ohh.

  27. I wasn't sure about the Fulani people's looks, but judging from the photos you posted, you do look a lot like them! I was expecting some Eastern African DNA too, like Ethiopia etc. Btw, your North African part is probably due to Berbers (or Moors) invading Spain.
    Anyway you are beautiful! 🙂

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