Ancestry DNA Mirror Tree | How To Find Family | Jill Ashley

Ancestry DNA Mirror Tree | How To Find Family | Jill Ashley

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’m such a mess in this video. Exhaustion was setting in. But, I had to do something constructive with my time and I was feeling bad for taking so long to get another DNA video posted.

To find the charts I showed google centimorgan chart and look at images. Find one that is easy for you to read and understand. Check the dates of the posting. The more people test and learn about DNA they have put out newer more accurate charts.

How to get started and what to expect with Ancestry DNA:

Uploading Raw DNA Data and other sites you can use

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  1. Thank you so much Jill 🙂 your video has helped heaps. I am just starting my dna journey to try and find my biological father and was overwhelmed by the amount of data and wasn't quiet sure how to get started. Now I have some kind of structure to work with…..thankyou again:)

  2. After years of following the "wrong" John Smith, we now know that our John Smith is his son. We got lucky with a John Smith.

    I share this to show that anyone and any name can be found.

    My DNA connects me to his nephew. He's not the tree manager, but he wants to connect. We feel blessed and it's been a pleasure following your story.

  3. I called mine Test trees. I have solved it now, same way that you did, so they are all merged into my main tree.

  4. I really enjoyed watching and listening to you! No disrespect meant!

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