Ancestry DNA Kit Instructions & Initial Thoughts

Ancestry DNA Kit Instructions & Initial Thoughts

I received my Ancestry DNA Kit so I thought I would show you what’s inside and show the the Ancestry DNA Kit instructions on how to use the kit. Using the kit is very simple and i expect to get results back in 6 to 8 weeks. The process is you activate your DNA kit online with a free account. As a home DNA kit, this is as simple as it gets. The cost was around $70 and my sister found a sale price. Myself, my sister and my half brother are taking the test out of curiosity and we are very eager to view the results. Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect. Maybe I’ll find some more relatives through DNA testing. Supposedly, they will link you with others who share the same DNA. has the largest database than any of the other DNA testing companies. What is the best dna ancestry test kit? I don’t know. From what I have read is that has the largest database but I don’t know if that means it’s the best. I’m curious to see where my DNA heritage is from. If you are not sure of your ethnicity, Ancestry will estimate by percentages your ethnicity. If you don’t know how many branches are in your family tree, maybe you should have your family DNA tested. Go ahead, take the test and reveal your ethnicity and maybe a few other secrets about your heritage you never knew.

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  1. pretty cool Video. I did mine last year and mine came back that I am a 50 % descendant of " ROBERT THE BRUCE " 12.5 percent catfish, 12.5 percent Red drum, 12.5 percent Largemouth, and 12.5 percent Striper.

  2. Viking or Nordic decent would be sweet. Let's hope you don't come back as an Englishman or even worse a Frenchman. Could hurt your rep as an Alpha male. You will get man points regardless though just for having the kahunas to put this out in public.

  3. My brother did this and got the results. No vikings??

  4. You should not be throwing yer dna out there for the wrong people to get ahold of ya goober

  5. Please run a follow-up video. We have talked abaut having 1 done to. Am told "It'll be fun". As always thanks for sharing.

  6. Man after watching your video I REALLY wish I had read the instructions when I got my kit. I gave them my DNA sample in a totally different way… I'm so embarrassed.

  7. I have contemplated doing that also. Interested to see what it shows. Some people have warned me about the Ancestry site because it is owned by the Mormons. I am not really sure what that has to do with anything but supposedly they want to get as many people as they can into their database. I never can get the true meaning as of why though or why I should be alerted to this. Maybe you have heard and know more? I have always been told I am related to Robinhood (true story).

  8. You just gave the Government your DNA!! Nice Job, now they will be matching it to any unsolved mysteries/crimes… 😉

  9. I expect it's gonna come back at least 50% sasquatch. That one that visited your house a few weeks ago was probably your long lost grandmother.

  10. face the truth Steve be ready to know you are adopted…
    I bet you are 50% Sperm Whale , 25 % Cod and 25% Tuna, adopted by vikings….(LOL)

    I did a genetic test 23/25 years ago in a research facility in search for a genetic desease…(and those days I paid 2,000 dollars)
    And was a good chance to know if my Last name was British or French. (Fable is my real name by the way…) so, in order to know if I could file a claim over the Fable Castle or Know if I descend from "Fables du Lafontaine" I took the test…Only to know I carry a terrible desease….
    I am 100% Italian!!!
    Predictable, knowing all my ancestors lived there for centuries. I drink wine like a French and whisky like a Scottish .

    Unexpected. I drink beer like a German, also.
    Unpredictable, Why the heck I have a British/French name?
    Only certain is:
    Life is a bitch…We all die!! LOL!!!! Let's go fishing!!!!
    (Just minutes ago I was checking on Steve Moore "alpha Male probation" video, I'm still laughing) It was planned or just happened because you curse him?
    The "Italian" Fable.

  11. I died laughing on the sperm comment….it sucks getting old, I’m getting put out to pasture next week…

  12. My youngest brother has been doing our family heritage stuff for a number of years on the ancestry dotcom site. He has found that our family (father's side) arrived in what is now North Carolina around 1740, then eventually going through Virginia, and into Kentucky. He also recently did the dna thing, and the results were really close to the info he has accrued through research over the years.

  13. Man I always thought it would be cool to know your where you come from the average person only can go back a few generations, , I know my last name is Scottish who knows I could have been related to ol BraveHeart or something lol ,

  14. Funny, I just decided to do the 23 And Me DNA Test. This company also analyzes your genetic health. Now we will all be “in the system”. Yikes! Good luck Steve.

  15. good to know. Been interested in doing one of those. My luck daffy duck.

  16. I took one of those once to see what kinda jokes I can get away with……

  17. I was curious about your ancestry also so I sent in some of the pubic hairs you mailed me last year. Turns out you are related to Caitlyn Jenner. The test seems legit to me.

  18. They will send you back a digital video disc

    It will be a movie

  19. That’s going to be interesting to see the results. I bet that Sasquatch that following you around is related to you.

  20. I thought there was like an 50% chance that you (and me) are part of the Genghis Khan blood line thanks to the amount of children he fathered?

  21. Pretty sure that's gonna come back 25% a bunch a stuff and 75% sarcastic.

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