Ancestry DNA/Genetic Communities! Southern Italians!

Ancestry DNA/Genetic Communities! Southern Italians!

This is a new feature Ancestry DNA has come up with to determine what genetic community you belong to. The more people that get tested the better chance they have to determine where you come from. This is a great new feature!



  1. i took the test from ancestry test shows 72-86% europe south italy salerno lazio campania

  2. I did my Ancestry DNA and I got 11% Italy/ Greece but I really want to know is it Italy or is it Greece I think people in both countries look different so why do they share the same DNA? Is super confusing… thank u for showing us this new feature.

  3. Southern Italians are greek,Latin, North African mixed into a community

  4. Johnny, you are descended from the 'Romans' and the Kingdom of Naples.

  5. Southern Italians are Greeks. They still speak Greek in parts of the South.

  6. I took both AncestryDNA and 23andMe. My results were 85% European, but 3/4 of my grandparents came from southern Italy. I'm 13% Middle Eastern/North African, and also small percentage East Asian, East African and Melanesia. I have red hair…lol

  7. Update: Currently I have 993 DNA matches that are all genetically linked to Southern Italy.

  8. I got 30 percent Italian/Greek 34 percent East Asian, 20 percent Iberian Penisula 10 percent Central Europe and 8 percent Middle Eastern and 2 percent African lol my father is from Italy and my mom is from the Philippines ? so it makes sense why my ethnicity is mostly Italian Greek and East Asian

  9. Johnny you might want to watch this its done by a Geneticist who studied the Italian people and comes up with some interesting points, and destroys the myths and stereotypes of our people. this is the first of 3 parts
    I would encourage everyone who is interested in the Italians to closely watch these…

  10. Hey paesan, interesting stuff. Both my parents and I took Ancestry test. I came up 78% Italy/Greece and also got matched to the genetic communities "Southern Italians" and "Calabrians in Italy" where all of our family came from. I think the Ancestry estimates are pretty accurate.

  11. There are currently 53 of my matches in the Southern Italian Genetic Community. I've noticed this number rising week to week which is exciting. Hopefully they'll be able to pin point exact cities/towns/villages in Southern Italy where my relatives stem from.

  12. For me it's very accurate and I am Dutch/Neapolitan. My mom is from the Netherlands and my father from Napoli. For me it says Lazio/Campania and the Netherlands; both are listed as ''possible''. Although my Dutch estimate is higher while 15 of my first 19 matches are Southern Italian. You should have got Caucasian/West Asian, some Iberian and Italian/Greece; this is normal for Southerners/Sicilians.

  13. Cool stuff my genetic community is Chihuahua and durango mexicans with a very likey connection that is 95% my dad is from there he actually lives there now.

  14. Those "genetic communities" absolutely nailed my ancestors. I was really surprised at their accuracy. My family is Southern white and the three communities they estimated were Early settlers of Virginia and the Southern Midwest, Early settlers of Northern Alabama and Early settlers of Northern Arkansas and Tennessee. I have traced ancestors to every one of those regions (all my ancestors arrived in North America by 300 years ago).

  15. I placed in 3 genetic communities. early settlers of new york(likely 60%), settlers of new england & eastern midwest(likely 60%), & irish in west cork(possible 20%)

    Thank you for your video.

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