Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.

Ancestry DNA/Ged Match Couples Results – Puerto Rican & Moroccan, 2016.

West Indian husband and North African wife go on the journey to take their DNA test ! Click and watch the video to check out their amazing Ancestry & shocking GedMatch results. Watch till the end! (:


– Karim Lizardi DNA –
European 61%
African 20%
Native American 16%
Middle eastern 2%
Asia Central 1%

– Ruby Lizardi DNA –
European 10%
African 54%
Middle eastern 36%

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  1. Los Vascos are mostly from El Pais Vasco and Navarra from Spain, more than likely your Basque are Spanish Vasco. DNA sampling actually say that the Taino were actually mostly intermixed with Spanish. Seems to me the genocide myth is falsely spread by the gringos, since they did almost extinguished their Indians. Just look at most Latin American hispanic countries, they have mostly Indigenous people or Mestizos who Speaks Spanish. The gringos want people to believe that Hispanics were killer savages. The DNA evidence proves that our ancestors were very accepting of multicultures. We have European, Indios, black and every mix combination you can think of.


  3. Ethnicity is a social group that you belong to and these results tell you your genetic ancestry. This new technology brings new intrigue to the timeless question – are we a product of environment or genetics?

  4. I am not sure but if you drinking wine you are really embarrassing us Moroccan. Not proud to see you. you are showing bad behavior I hope you didn't show that on your channel. Sorry If I am mistaking

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  6. Where Are The Billions of People with Arabic Genetic Heritage?

    BILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world have an ancient ANCESTRY IN ARABIA? Yes Arabia, according to Professor Martin Richards (Leeds University) and Dr. Luisa Pereira (Porto University) based on their mitochondrial DNA research. According to these two independent and scientific institutions, the common ancestor (10,000 to 20,000 years back) was found in Arabia, and they have found an Arabic oldest ancestor that goes back as far as 60,000 years.

    How come no one has heard about this scientific discovery? Why do we have in the DNA results, Jewish %, Italian %, Greek, Spanish, Irish or British, French %, etc. but never ARABIC? Is Italian ancestry uniquely different from Greek compared to Arabic? Who's closer to Italian Arabic or Greek?

    Why Arabian, the ancient ancestor of billions of people, is not there or even mentioned in the DNA results? Who's behind all of this and what's their objective?

    Look at some Arab Bedouins today who live in remote, closed, isolated areas in the deserts of Libya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab Emirates, and most interestingly in YEMEN, aren't their looks very, very uniquely rare?

    What happened to today's 500 million ARABS! Did they disappear?

    The DNA test is a TASTELESS JOKE. If you’re an Arab doing the DNA ancestry test you may find "Jewish" blood in your test, but never ARABIC blood. Wow! What a joke!

    How about Muslim or Christian blood? Why we have never found Muslim blood in the DNA test? There are millions of Muslims who have been totally isolated who live in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, etc. and have rarely mixed with other ethnic groups. How about their Muslim blood result?

    How about if you’re a Jewish Arab? What would your test show Jewish or Arabic blood?

    What a joke! Don't do the DNA test and waste your money and time.

    The DNA ancestry test is rubbish.

  7. north africa 39% + 36% west asia = 75% arabs root for sure

  8. greetings from morocco im mohammed
    you look great couple your husband look polite man especialy look like moroccan

  9. you look iberian & greek more than anything
    61% Europe that's interesting

  10. All north African Amazigh have Senegal and maybe Nigerian. Your 36% is Arab DNA your 39% north African is amazigh, your African is total is 54%…..your European at 8% is very low for amazigh, most amazigh are about 40/40 Amazigh/southern European and about 14 to 20% west African…. people from the south of Morocco will have more African DNA too. The iberian in north African DNA is due to the Barbary slave trade into southern europe by amazigh pirates in the 1700s onwards…. the tests only go back 500 years. Kool results

  11. I am 3 mins in and already excited you guys understand the migratory habits and how that affects our DNA….woohoo

  12. Thanks. Great video! Very interesting to see the sort of genetic overlap between Northwest African and Latin-Caribbean people.

  13. Thank you. You are a wonderful couple. Allah Almighty bless you, peace…

  14. Northeastern and Northwestern Africans are part of the same Macro-Ethnicity. The socalled Hamitic element within the Afro-Asiatic people (Afrasians). The subracial element is split into Berber-Maghrebi outgroup, Coptic-Nubian outgroup, and Ethio-Somali outgroup. We are just as closely related as an Arab from the North of the Peninsula and one from the South.

  15. Is there any polite way to explain how she had so much Middle Easter blood in her or should we just point to the Yazidi & have them do the math? That really is an uncomfortable intersection I hate to say. That being said I do agree with them that DNA results show very interesting patterns of both migration and conquest. Sorry if it seems like I'm throwing shade because they do seem like a cute couple and I wish him all the best. I just don't see any need to sugar-coat history, warts and all.

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  18. you're a white. EUROPEAN , scale go off the highest percentage , your not african !!

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  21. What a dumb bitch. Mate, North Africans are nothing more then just Arabs. The only reason it shows up as ‘North African’ is because the DNA companies compare your DNA to local markers within that region. It’s also interesting that you had Iberian in you, knowing that the North Africans conquered Spain and then raped, killed and enslaved the native Spaniards. Lastly, not a single DNA ancestry test from any company shows your “race”, they can only show your ethnicity, so that’s false information you’re giving out there.

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  24. This couple is "cute" but very ignorant. They don't understand the data and give one of the most confusing explanation in You Tube. I told them that and I was banned for a while.

  25. Come on 🙁 5:33
    Central Asia is NOT Iran, Turkey. Its Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan!!!

  26. N. Africa , Spain , France, Italy, Bosnia , was conquered by the Romans many years ago. so the mixed of people in that area. The people moved around.

  27. Middle Eastern and Jewish is not a race. I don't believe her husband knows the difference between race, nationality and ethnicity and she seems to, which is weird and kind of sad (a common issue with some Boricuas). But your dad seem like he was real. Also, there are no Natives in Puerto Rico since they were killed off. However, some people still show the blood line/DNA but it tends to be not much, which is similar to Cuba and DR.

  28. You guys need to change the battery of your firealarm hihihi nice video

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