Ancestry DNA for Half-Jews

Ancestry DNA for Half-Jews

Why are people so interested in taking DNA tests to find their ethnic heritage? How will your results come back if your family is Jewish or part Jewish and came from Eastern Europe? Author D.M. Miller discusses these issues and more.

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  1. Hello, your approach is bad, you can not compare Arab migrants in Russia with Jews, it's stupid, the Ashkenazi culture is related to the Germanic and Slavic culture since 1500 years, the Ashkenazi languages were Yiddish and a Judeo Slave language extinct. The Jews of Eastern Europe are not migrants but natives, so you can not say Hungarian as Asian because their ancestors came from Asia, so you can not say that Gypsies from Eastern Europe are Hindu, you confuse migrant and indigenous. Israel has no cultural reality.

    The formation of the Jewish people continued in Europe. Moreover, there is very little genetic link with the Arabs at 90% non-semitic but more with Assyrian, Kurdish, Armenian, assyrian, and 20% to 40% of the ashkenazi gene is European : Germanic, Slavic, Greek and italian.

    There is no longer an ancient Jewish national culture, in the Ashkenazi culture there is absolutely nothing oriental, (no food, no clothing, no music), apart from religion nothing connects this culture with the Near East, the term "diaspora" is abusively misused by Zionist nationalism, in fact there has been evolution and birth of new Jewish cultures.

    Moreover, 70% of Ashkenazi are morphologically indistinguishable from Eastern and Central Europeans, in Ashkenazi the brown skin is almost non-existent, the Arab-type Middle Eastern type is almost non-existent, the Semitic peoples of at 3,000 years old is similar to modern yesidis and Kurdish people. Are closer, 50% of ashkenazes have blue eyes and between 20% and 40% are blond, in Poland with an average of 39% blond, whereas these characteristics fall to 2% among the Arabs.
    I am a half Polish jews and half-Catholic polish, I grew up in 2 communities, I live in Europe, I come from Germany and I spend my life in 3 countries including Poland

    Excuse my English, I am not native English.

  2. Lies and totally cofused girl you are not middle eastern (knock off of the original people of North Africa) and most importantly you Are Not a Child of Abraham

  3. So I’ve perused this and one other of you videos on the topic, but this and the other video is gear for the uninitiated regarding being Jewish.
    About 15 years ago or so back when Ancestry was just starting their testing they baited customers with knowing the origin of their surname. I’d always been fascinated by them and what they might say in knowing where it was derived. Well, the information ancestry gave me was it was Sephardic in origin, and not Spanish. Hmmm? I’m assuming it’s related to those expelled from Spain, but those who remain probably had to convert to Catholicism as well as change their surname. But one that distinguished Spaniards and Jews in origin. This lead me to the information you have in your other video. So I believe I may have some small percentage of Jewish dna residing in me. I have noticed that many Mexicans with Iberian ancestry usually has a small amount of Jewish dna. Now I have a great deal of curiosity to know my genealogy, however, I also bare a largerest amount of Snowden distrust as to where our dna results may be offered to for profit, or in some way use against us. So I’ll will continue living ignorant of my genealogy and without a mobile phone, smart to otherwise. I also don’t care for a digital tether either.

  4. go back to your own country dirty jew gas the jews race war now. also check out my ch annel plz

  5. Thanks for shedding lights on this matter. I have done my DNA test, and the results came as 8.7% Ashkanazi Jews, 29.8% Iraqi/Iranian Jews (Mizrahi Jews), and 41.1 Middle eastern, 11.1% south Asian, 7.3% north African. Almost 40% of the DNA similar to Jewish DNA. I still looking into who was a Jewish in my ancestors. Couldn't find it yet.

  6. I was surprised to learn I am 48% European Jewish. I had no clue. I never met my biological father and was told by my mother he was German. So I'm ethnically Jewish but not a "legit" jew by religious standards, which is fine since I'm not interested in joining up anyway. Lol. But it'll be interesting to learn about the various cultures shown in the test.

  7. Speak to Any Rabbi you want and ask him if there is such a thing as a half Jew and everyone of them will say NO !!!! You are either Jewish or your Not !

  8. I'm sorry to disappoint you but you are not Jewish. A Jew is only someone who has a Jewish mother, not a Jewish father. You are a descendant of Jews and have genetics of Jewish origin, but being a descendant of Jews does not make one Jewish. If DNA tests were given to all Europeans a percentage of them would have Jewish ancestry, but that doesn't make them Jewish.

  9. why don't you convert ? Finalize it , Complete it !!! That's if your not Catholic off course .✡️

  10. Your part Ashkenazi not part Jewish as your either Jewish via your mother or you converted. I’m Ashkenazi and Jewish as my mum was you are Ashkenazi half and a non-Jew as you state only your father was Jewish. But have fun in your adventure.

  11. You just said it again, Russia and Ukrine, either he's a Native Russ or a mongol mixed. If grandpa is a Native Russ than yes you would be a Multiracial Askenazi Jew. Same goes for Ukraine because it is a part of Russ. Nevertheless, if true you would be approved for multiple citizenships by way of your grandparents for sure to the following countries, Russia, Germany and Ukrine.

  12. Now Helsinki has confirmed what I've been saying. You just said it verbatim 'If you're from East Europe then you are Askenazi Jew. Therefore German, Pole, Fin, ….

  13. I’m Jewish through my moms side of the family but my great grandma on my moms side converted because her husband was Jewish so I guess to some people I’m not Jewish

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  15. wait a minute….I already know that jews aren't white at all…but she said that she was half jewish by her fathers side but that's not customary among todays fake jews…they say you are jewish if youre born of a jewish mother…smh I smell and see pure bullshit…since when did jews become white? European jews? polish and Russian jews? those are fuckin converts not bloodline descendants…smh the Sanhedrin 94a (the William Davidson takmud) even tell you that the 10 tribes went into afrikei (Africa) after sennacherib exiled them…smh this is spoken of by mar zutra and rabbi hanina

  16. Im wondering about my DNA test result I'm from Middle East I did two test family tree and ancestry both of them gave me Jews one of them 4% Ashkenazi Jews another one 5% Sephardi Jews I'm surprised where they're come from

  17. Do the test again except the next time use 23 and Me. They have older forms of DNA on file and a lot more samples to compare with yours. For example, On the Ancestry DNA test I am Western European, Irish, Russian, Finnish, and British, but on 23 and Me I am British, Irish, French, German, Scandinavian, Russian, Greek, Italian, and Native American. See! A big difference, and when I uploaded all my results to Gedmatch I even have more nationalities including South African, Oceanian, Ethiopian and Morrocan. Gedmatch possesses ancient DNA samples from more than 20,000 years ago. Good luck!

  18. If a dna test traces me 70% back to the eastern med. Israel/pal
    does that mean its jewish dna too?

  19. Some misinformation here. Being Jewish is a nationality, a faith, and has a homeland.

    Around half or more of all Jews are now in Israel. The heart of Zionism is nationality and faith.

    Jews were historically forbidden from living in Russia. Russia is not the same as non-Russian lands under Moscow.

    In Torah your identity can come from your father. Rabbinic Judaism does not own the Faith of Israel, of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the Judges or King David or the great prophets etc.

    Many, many Jews of Israel are patrilineal whether the Rabbinut likes it or not. Decisions by men over the centuries cannot alter reality.

    Even the Rabbinut doesn't go digging into the lives of IDF generals and politicians and other important people in Israeli society.

    No such thing as half-Jewish. You ARE Jewish. That is your nationality. Young nations like America cannot override our ancient identity with modern legal secular statutes. They do not have writ in the Jewish world. Their law cannot redefine our 4000 years in the making as a people, 3000 as a nation. We use JUS SANGUINIS or identity by birthright aka inheritance. Plus, conversion of course! America defines nationality differently, by JUS SOLI or wherever you are born.

  20. First of all Abraham didn't even exist, he was made up by the jews in captivity in Babylon as was the Torah in order to unite the jews under one ideology with one God. Monotheism was introduced at the same time as the Torah was being produced in the 6th century BC in Babylon. Abraham had he existed would have been a polytheist like all canaanites were. The jews in Babylon just backdate jewish monotheism by about 1000 years.

  21. Hello D.M. Miller, once again, you are spot on with the conversation. Growing up, I was told my dads family came from Russia and Romania but my dad being a Cohen told us our ancestors actually came from Canaan and were high priests. This became extremely confusing for me as a child as growing up in Chicago, we had a large Russian population, but was surprised to find out that I was not seen as a Russian. I also did not "look" ethnically Russian. My mother being German lead to an even more confusing identity. To top off this constant "Jews are not a people nor do they have a land" aspect that is promoted by anti-semites who claim we are just turkic khazars or Europeans, it seems that they really want to strip our identity and culture from us to make us a landless, culture-less stateless peoples because they are upset about their own history and want to replace the narrative. I'm also amazed how many Jews do this to other Jews.

    DNA proved my dads story correct being middle eastern origin, a J1 and a Cohen.

  22. that's not true
    Jews Roots Belong to Abraham as you Know Abraham Never was European or Ashkenazi
    Abraham ( Sematic ) was From Babylonian In Iraq Middle East so what a hack you talking about Ya
    I Now You Did that cheat because no one of you is Real Jew carry Pure Blood of Sons of Abraham
    I am sorry might be some of Jews Carry Pure Blood But they are Few

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