Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Update 2018

Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Update 2018

This video is about the Ancestry DNA update that they did for everyones ethnicity.

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  1. Am Nigerian, so are my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and at least 6 generation before me were all Igbos from south-east Nigeria. My first result had me at 49% Nigeria and the highest and then the shocker, am now Nigeria 11%, 38% deduction. How can this be correct? I think this update does not make sense.
    Decreased by 38%

  2. i looked up my family tree and two dogs was using it… lol , yup my dna on ancestry changed too but , i came up 50% Iberian Peninsula with three different dna companies so i'm so happy ancestry didn't say i'm 50% poodle …. i posted my results on youtube just to help people see that this is real.

  3. With my old test I was 27% Italian with North African west Asia Mali, and caucuses. Which totaled 41%. Now it shows 41% Italian only. I have many dna relatives that are Italian, middle eastern, and African. Just strange.

  4. Hey Shelly!! Girl I need some advice ? I had my DNA done and there is an Uncle who came up ??‍♀️ So I have questions right!! I ask about him. My one Uncle disappears.
    Not only is there this Uncle on there but a cousin also!! I ask my cousin about him.. He ignores me.. I ask his sister my cousin nada!! I call my Aunt She’s acting dumb!! HELP WHAT TO DO NOW

  5. Fine Browning!
    Btw. Not all Blacks have European ancestry and not all European ancestry is a result of slavery!

  6. My Nigerian and Scandinavian both reduced greatly as well. I wonder what went on for them to get cut so low? :).

  7. Mine was really changed. They eliminated the various regions and combined into blander groups, making several disappear all together. Until I looked deeper into my ancestry background, did I find some regions which were completely eliminated. General regions were divided into specifics which was redundant. A 3rd cousin has almost exactly what my DNA shows now. 1% in one area and another 2% somewhere else. The system won't let you do a comparison.

  8. Oh my goodness, my AncestryDNA update is bizarre! I went from 30% British (which is factual since I only get that from my mom since my dad is legit from Mexico and his sister, my aunt, was tested and it totally jives on 23andme) to a whopping 58% British, which is literally impossible. My own mom is only 51% British, and she’s the only person I get British from… my Spanish dropped from 20 something % to a measly 8%. Like a dummy, I went and replaced the old (more accurate) estimate with the new (way weird) estimate. It’s funny though because before this update, my Ancestry & 23andme results were almost identical… now they’re WAY different. I’m sticking to the 23andme estimate.

  9. Our changes were HUGE! My dad went from 4 ethnicities to 2 (losing one he knew) and my Italian mom with all 4 Italian grandparents lost most of her Italian and is now mostly French! HUGE changes and we’re now suuuuuuper confused!!!

  10. My update also changed alot was was 79% Europe south Italy/ Greece Now 50% Italy from Calabria 0 Greece shows 26% Portugal previous 2% that makes sense for my mother is Portuguese, Spain 9% am small Island off of Italy I never heard of before is a new one 5% France and England still have traces…all the other traces have disapeared

  11. I went from being 9% Italian to 0% and replaced it with 10%portugal and 2% basque lol

  12. Hi Shelly. My results changed a lot! I got my original in June 2018. The updated version came last week! My Cam/Congo went up from 25 to 45%! Ben/Togo went from 20 to 24%, Nigeria dropped from 12 to 2% and my 1% Spain Jewish and Russia was deleted. Added was 1% German,France and Greece. You are right about GED match. They have been helpful and they were better at pinpointing my ethnic places before Ancestry updated!

  13. Thanks for this update! I think that over time There will be more changes to our DNA. I am upset that my Irish was dropped by 8% as well as Nigeria was deleted. What other steps should I take if I want to keep looking for my biological parents?

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