Ancestry DNA 2018 Update || My Results CHANGED Big Time!

Ancestry DNA 2018 Update || My Results CHANGED Big Time!

Update as of 9.19.2018 – After much and much research about why and how my Ancestry DNA results would have changed, I understand it and am actually 85 -90% confident that they will be able to continue narrowing my DNA down even more once they are able to test more African regions/ethnic groups. The change actually makes sense now that I have researched it quite a lot in the last four days.
I recently got an update from Ancestry DNA, and they changed most of my results because they said they were now able to narrow my results down even more which made them more accurate. UGGGHHHH! Although I’m glad, it made me mentally drained having to rearrange my thoughts about where I need to dig to find my main 2 African links for my forefathers.

See my previous Ancestry DNA results video where they found me mostly Nigerian and Ivorian Ghanaian:

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  1. Here are all the questions answered from Ancestry DNA about our results changes:

    For anyone wanting to understand more of the “African Admixture”,I found this video most helpful, especially when it came to my change from being mostly Nigerian to mostly being Congo, Cameroon and Bantu—-

    Also, this article explains so much of how Togo has more ethnic ties to Ghana and Benin has more ethnic ties to Nigeria. Plus how the ethic groups were the highest percentage to come to the New World such as Haiti and Brazil. Ancestry may not be so wrong as it is breaking down the Admixture.

    This other link explains the very similar DNA of the various ethnic groups of Bantus of Cameroon Congo. —-

  2. They did the same thing with me. I was mostly Nigerian and I'm mostly Cameroon and Benin Togo. But you have a gap in your teeth as do my family members. That's a known trait of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Our test results of locations are very similar.

  3. I went from 29% Nigerian to ZERO. I was very disappointed by that. Ghana was at 27% and down to 13%. Now I'm 38% Cameroon/Congo/Bantu (was 13%). Benin/Togo went up 16%…and apparently I'm a little Scottish now. I was chillin' at 96% African and lost 3% with the updates. Hey, Im in NC, hope you fared well with the storm girlie. She was pretty nasty…

  4. I wrote this right after the new update rolled out:

    A lot of African Americans (and even some Native Nigerians ??) are complaining that their Nigeria region is falling to 0% sometimes from as much as 40%. Meanwhile, their Benin/Togo percentages; and their Cameroon/Congo/Southeast Bantu is increasing.

    So I tell them that Ancestry, with increased African samples (they now have 1,395 African samples), Ancestry is seeing that the amount of shared/similar DNA across ethnic groups, between the Bight of Benin, and the Bight of Biafra, is more wide scale than they originally thought, so the widening of the Benin/Togo category, to encompass Nigeria, is reflective of this.
    It doesn’t mean that their Nigerian went away. It’s just now absorbed into a broader Benin/Togo Category.

    it seems as if it’s only meant to show genetic overlap, at this point.
    Test results show that both Igbo and Yoruba have high amounts of shared DNA with eachother, and those in Benin/ Togo/Ghana…
    So this kinda now reflects that. And there are Igbo in Cameroon.

    But it also looks like they merged/incorporated some areas, due to overlapping DNA.

    Ancestry is having a lot of trouble with the call rate of predicting Nigeria, with their new algorithm. ~28% call rate.

    Here is their White Paper, which explains the trouble…

    Also they have more DNA samples from Cameroon, Congo, Southeastern Bantu; and Benin/Togo…than any other regions.

    This could be skewing the numbers a bit.

    It should be worth noting that changing DNA reference panels, is the reason Genealogist tell people to take their DNA Ethnicity Estimates with a grain of salt; and to only take their DNA cousin matches, the most seriously. ?

    This is why looking for those african DNA Cousin matches…is CRUCIAL.

    Another interesting analysis, that sheds more light on the issues, with the new update, for those of African Descent. Including the before/after results/analysis of several continental Africans, across regions, countries, and ethnic groups, if Fonte Felipe’s blog post –

  5. This is bullshit! I say we all march down there and demand a refund!

  6. So many people don't get how DNA science works. It is only as good as other people getting tested and tracing certain roots. The more people tested, the better the results. People who think it is wrong now should consider the logical problem in … Was it wrong before this?

    They do not have lowland DNA (netherlands) so people who hail from that area will come up as English still. Eventually they'll add more results and all those people will be whining "I thought I was British but now it is saying I'm from Holland!)

    I went from Senegal to Benin & Togo. It is what it is.

  7. Mines changed so much too I just don't understand. I read their explanation but it still doesn't make sense.

  8. I am from Jamaica and u look like my mother's mother side of the family Fairweathers even ur laugh and I have mali and cameroon and congo

  9. I know a lot of people are upset about the update, but as far as my African ancestry and others I have viewed; it honestly makes more sense. When you think about the Atlantic slave trade, we have to consider where our people were taken from. The Congo, Gabon & Cameroon were more accessible to the slaver captors. The further south and upper north were places that were typically colonized. I am pleased with the update, I believe it's making more historical sense.

  10. Also the Ib Peninsula might be Middle Easterners/Arabs that invaded their, Northern Africa and then started the slave trade in West Africa after they invaded.

  11. The African updates are tricky. Remember, that there were 200 plus ethnic groups in these areas. Also, borders changed over time, and there were intermarriages as well. On Ancestry's site they explained how and why these changes takes place. Just be aware that there will be more updates as the tech gets better. All of ya'll my cousins now.

  12. I was doing the same thing! My Ghanaian got decreased A LOT! and my Nigerian got totally taken away! I was gung-ho on learning the language and culture sooo much and then a major change. I feel a little weird now after feeling and embracing those cultures…now I’ve gotta start over?!

  13. I had 42% Nigerian and now it's updated to 2%. I'm now 43% Cameroon, Congo.. which went up like 30%+. Thing is, how could you get that such of a percentage wrong the first time around? I don't trust them at all. 23andMe came in with more specific regions opposed to "Western African" like no shxt Sherlock. They have me at 29.2% Nigerian. I'm so confused and lost that I'm just like forget it.I might try out African Ancestry.

  14. I'm happy with the update. I did the Ancestry DNA and 23andme test, but I always felt 23andme was more accurate. With the update, my Ancestry results look more like the 23andme results. Also, it makes more sense for my family who are also DNA tested- our results are more similar instead of being all over the place!

  15. If you black you should be doing African Ancestry DNA . It tells you your tribe and is black owned

  16. All African Americans are now Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu Peoples and Benin/Togo since the update lol. You guys should check out Reddit
    Edit: Those are the top two regions most AAs have been receiving since the update

  17. I research the bantu of cameroon they started out in cameroon amd migrated through the congo to south africa thats why i think they cluster together

  18. Mine was 28 percent cameroon congo now it went up to 49 percent cameroon congo and bantu and 26 percent benin and togo and now 21 percent benin amd togo, i was 19 percent mali now at 6 percent and was 1percent ghana and now 9 percent ivory coast ghana

  19. Something is very screwy with the new update for a lot of people (some people are happy, many are not). I uploaded my raw data to GEDmatch and what it shows is much more in line with my original Ancestry profile. My new profile now shows just two areas and I no longer even look like I could be related to my own mother (who is one who got "good" or more detailed results in her update).

  20. Last comment, i went from 12% senegal to 0%… so yeah…

  21. They took my Italian off I was mad as heck! I am going to check 23and me and ftdna and see what they did because I uploaded my raw dna to all sites and gedmatch too

  22. Your hair's looking lovely sis!. These are my updated results.I'm Jamaican,I've lost 36% Nigerian and over 20% Ivory coast Ghana!.
    Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu Peoples
    England, Wales & Northwestern Europe
    Ivory Coast/Ghana
    Ireland and Scotland
    Germanic Europe
    Native American—North, Central, South
    Native American—Andean

  23. You are fine. lol.. Don't know if you follow Dynast Amir's channel, that negro is always traveling in West his travel videos are underrated though. takes a bit of navigating, but has some good info with sources that I assume are reliable.

  24. Stop looking at it as i am Nigerian or Ghana 35% .These countries themselves are made up of over 200 ethnic groups .Which is why its so hard to get a break down . peoples for reasons such as famine or others reasons moved .Borders don't exist in your ancestry .last ancestry is able to look at longer strings of your DNA .people get to hung up on % . best to get mum and dad tested and if possible grand parents . i for me at least the test came back more accurate .My sister is going to get tested .

  25. I lost my Nigerian from 25 to 1 and my Ivory Coast/Ghana from 20 to 9. I was dumbfounded. Now my Irish is now higher which was expected.

  26. Also I uploaded my raw dna on other sites now I have to redo

  27. I’m upset with the update!!! I was 25% Nigeria now 7% do they sold a lie now they changed ! I had Native American now I’m not ughh they changed everything

  28. I heard this new update has also messed up a lot of people with high percentages of Iberian Peninsula (and now they have a lot less than they originally assumed). I have mixed feeling with this update. My Eastern European has gone up (from <1) which I am happy about because I’ve always been told I was 1/4th. But now my west Asian has gone down a lot too. I think they still have lots of updating to do before I truly trust my results. It would also be nice to see them add more specific locations in places such as Africa and Asia, although I’m not sure there’s a lot of people in those continents looking to submit their DNA for it.

  29. I was 48% Nigerian now I’m 1% Nigerian and 50% Cameroon/Southern Congo Bantu . Ancestry. Com is a scam

  30. My Ancestry DNA has changed too, I use to be 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu and now I am 40% Africa SouthEastern Bantu

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