DNA Test Result Updates, My DNA Test Results CHANGED! #ancestrydna DNA Test Result Updates, My DNA  Test Results CHANGED! #ancestrydna DNA Test Result Updates, My Results CHANGED!!!
In this video I compare my original DNA test results to my new updated test results. They are now able to do a more advanced research and therefore have more accurate results.



  1. mine was 37% GB 27 Europe south (Sicily ) 15% Europe east .. 9% Europe west trace regions 4% Ireland /Scotland and Wales .2 %Scandinavian ..2% Iberian peninsula 3% Caucasus and less than 1% European Jewish.I always felt my west European was way off.My dad is Cajun French and German with Italian .My mom grand ma was from Magdeburg my great Grandma .update .32% England ,Wales and north western Europe /Germanic Europe 25% /France 17% /Ireland and Scotland 12% /Italy 9% (Sicily ) /Eastern Europe and Russia 4% /Turkey and the Caucasus 1%

  2. Good Ancestry DNA results Erin!
    You explained your Ancestry DNA Results well, Good video!
    I recommend people to take part in Ancestry DNA, you will discover something you didn’t have! The results are as accurate as they could be, results change over time as science improves.
    My Ancestry DNA Results:
    Middle Eastern, Lebanon ??
    36 percent
    Europe South; Greece ?? Italy ??
    35 percent
    Caucasus; Turkey ?? Armenia ??
    21 percent
    European Jewish, Eastern Europe
    5 percent
    North African, Egyptian ??
    3 percent

    Proud of my results!!! ?

  3. I’m from England and my results were:

    England, Wales and N.W Europe – 51%
    Ireland and Scotland – 40%
    Norway – 3%
    Germanic Europe – 3%
    Sweden – 2%
    Western and Central India – 1%

  4. Mine was updated as well. Now it says I'm 65% Eastern Europe/Russia and 35% Greece and Balkans. Before that, I had some 6% Great Britain, 6% Western Europe, 2% Ashkenazi jewish, 3% middle eastern, 2% caucasus, and the rest was southern european and finnish. Weird

  5. Basically, all they did was dump the DNA percentages into other regions.

  6. I'm from southwestern Louisiana. I'm Louisianian Creole and Acadian French. My family has been in the region for 300 years. My first results were very indicative of the history of the settlement patterns within the region (Spain, France, Europe west ). My family are Normans ( Normandy) and they seemed to be able to nail that on the dot. However, i did notice that i had 3 percent middle-east, 1 percent European Jewish, 1 percent Caucasus, 2 percent North Africa, 4 percent Europe south and 3 percent Spain. They ended up taking all of this away in the update! If you have Caucasus, middle east, and south Europe and /or North Africa together it might be indicative of a Jewish Ancestor. I noticed there were "alot" of people showing up with European Jewish Ancestry and i think it has become a theological problem for Ancestry DNA . Ancestry DNA is a Mormon company and they are heavy into lost tribes research. Its also interesting that both Family Tree and My Heritage are Jewish owned Company's as well. Family Tree has done alot of Lost tribes DNA research on behalf of some Messianic Organizations ( etc Jewish Voice / Jonathan Bernis). The first results were far more accurate and nuanced. Now they completely took out the low confidence regions and the tools for comparisons of your DNA with Native regions! It almost like the first program was too good.

  7. Try LivingDNA … they’re a dna company but they’re especially strong in ancestry results that stem fro the British Isles… very specific

  8. Yes ,i remember commenting on your last video saying you look english.The Majority of english women have brunette hair and blue eyes.Its a distinct look that you don't see in european countries.May i also add you are very beautiful.

  9. I got updated to 100% "Ireland & Scotland", likewise my Dad got updated to 100% "Ireland & Scotland" whereas my mother ended up with 98% "Ireland & Scotland" and 2% "England, Wales & Northwestern Europe". Of course I should point out that I'm Irish living in Ireland.

  10. I was so disappointed when they changed my results, previously I was a little bit of everything in Europe but after the updates I'm now only British at 95% and 5% German. I didn't know it was possible to be so genetically non-diverse :L

  11. Great honestly spoken video! I think a lot of people thought the science was more settled and accurate than in reality it was, which to be fair, Ancestry or any of the other sites aren't too upfront about when they ask for your money 😉 The reality is they have a pretty small number of reference samples, when you consider there are billions of people on the planet. There also likely have much better samples from some countries than they do others, which may lead to some strange results people see, like Danes, North Germans and Dutch showing as English (because they likely have many more samples from the UK where the anglo-saxons/jutes/frisians settled) and Albanians showing as Greek because many they have more Greek samples than Albanian, and Greeks are descended from Albanian refugees so Albanian DNA has been marked 'Greek'. I think a similar thing has occurred in African countries, where people are now getting much of their DNA transferred from one country to another because they now have better samples from this other country that more closely matches the person's DNA.

  12. Literally just got my kit in the mail today. Looking forward to seeing my results

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