AMAZING! | My AncestryDNA results!

AMAZING! | My AncestryDNA  results!

Hi guys

As I’ve gotten older I’ve wanted to know more about my loved ones and my background. I love the concept of knowing where your roots are and to know where you came from is to know where you are going. It is a very peaceful feeling. I am so glad I decided to have my DNA tested, What a lovely Christmas treat to myself!

Apologies if I am not PC. I am only voicing my feelings thoughts and opinions on what I know or have experienced. I also apologise for my nose, it was a little runny and i kept on sniffing and having to stop and blow it but really wanted to make this video the day i got the results! don’t judge me lol :D. In no way am I trying to ignore, discredit other countries, continents, races, individuals. Once again sorry if I butchered your homelands name…I’m still learning about the world! Much love to everyone so hoping I can receive that back!

Side note I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural so please excuse the wig. I may speak on this later 🙂

If you have any suggestions or want to ask me anything, please drop me a message! Xoxo


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  1. I am waiting on my results but I was born in Jamaica as well and all these mixtures you just stated sounds just like my mixtures. Both mom and dad side there is Chinese(maybe Korean), Scottish, Irish, British, and of course African. I thinking my Benin Togo percentage will be high under the Africa but I will find out soon. Can't wait to see my result.

  2. i would recommend getting your parents tested. they will show more percentages of regions. also if you want to find other cousins who match you, try its free.

  3. Ask your parents if any of them are descended from Maroons. Because that where you might have got your Native American DNA from.

  4. I think now a days things have changed but I will never forget being mercilessly teased by West Indian children (during the 70s when I was in school) about being African. It seemed doubly hurtful that they seemed to side with whites who differentiated Africans from people from the West Indies as apes "from the jungle." I had no come back. I wish I knew then what I know now which is the irony of the fact that we have more that joins us together than separates us (especially as the heart of the slave trade centred in West Africa and I am Nigerian).

    Growing up in the UK, the one thing that wasn't covered in the history curriculum was the slave trade. I remember getting some perspective as to who we are as black people as a child when I watched the explosive and and somewhat shocking exposé "Roots" on TV which chronicled the fictional character – Kunta Kinte's passage from Africa to America. I can remember as clear as day going to school (in south east London) whilst this was showing and it was as if something had changed in the dynamics of race relations. There was a tension and some riots but this time the black kids were united.

    Fortunately now however, we have the black history month of October where teachers have the opportunity to explain our collective history.

  5. I'm black Caribbean and got 12% Asian total (Asia south India/Pakistan) with a little 2% West Asia. I expected Zero! You do look like you have Asian…I'm surprised it was only 3%

  6. Your Africa results are great! That is almost like having a grandparent from Benin/Togo and another grandparent from Nigeria. Wonderful!

    I expected more East Asia. You have some Chinese features to me.
    Where you are raised has nothing to do with your ethnicity unfortunately.

    Thanks for sharing. You are fun to watch!

  7. Thanks for sharing your results! I'm from Jamaica too ~ hoping to see more Jamaicans take the test so that we can have family connections. 🙂 I read that 23andMe is doing a project with people whose parents and grandparents are directly from Africa. So hopefully their African categorizations will become more specific in the next year or two.

  8. I knew you were part Asian, your eyes are so oriental and you have high cheek bones.

  9. Native American is related to Asian so if your family has never lived in the Americas that can explain why it came up

  10. What beautiful results! My cousins are Puerto Rican, and they actually got results very similar to yours 🙂 check out my video on my channel if you want.

  11. wow I def thought you were nigerian. Genes teww strong lol

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