Am I 100% Black? – Ancestry DNA Results

Am I 100% Black? – Ancestry DNA Results

Hey guys,

I got my DNA test done by and the results have come in. Will I find out of I’m 100% black or are there other ethnicities that make up who I am? Watch to find out!

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  1. I also heard some people are forwarding their data for GEDmatch for additional information.

  2. Your Finnish/Russian ancestry may actually be the Native American ancestry you were looking for. People have to remember the Native North Americans descend from Ancient Siberian people that crossed the land bridge in Alaska and migrated south throughout North America.

  3. Actually very few Welsh ever owned slaves in America. Many were abolitionists. No one knows why so many Black Americans have Welsh surnames but it probably wasn't because they were taking their old master's names.

    No one really knows for sure why.

  4. The moment you said you were part Gullah I knew your African Ancestry would be high since they have little to no European Admixture. I guessed Cameroon for you. A lot of people from the Carolinas have high percentages of Cameroon.

  5. It is so awesome that you did your DNA test and you're beautiful!!!, I do want to make this one comment however, it's interesting when someone that is not white says that they were hoping for being pure and it's okay but if a white person says that they're racist, I'm just saying, I've done my DNA test, I'm just straight-up Iberian and 8% Western European, kind of boring honestly but what do you do LOL

  6. The people of Haiti and Jamaica are, for the most post transplanted Africans. How would a DNA test be able to tell that at some earlier date Africans had been plopped down in the Haiti or Jamaica and were no longer living in Africa? Are there any marker genes that can determine this? With the passage of millennia, genetic mutations will account for such movements but a couple of centuries are not millennia. For the time being Haitian and Jamaican are not bloodlines; they are simply nationalities.

  7. It is doubtful that your Cameroonian ancestors were speaking French or any other Indo-European tongue during the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade era, which, in all actuality, predates the carving up of Africa by the Europeans.

  8. i think you may have Spanish blood because u have really nice fabrics and the Spaniards dont f around with their clothes as evident in the culture of Mexico. You can see the richness of their nation in the clothes that the bull fighters and other ppl wear during bull fights.

    91% Black??!?

    if your ancestors were asian they'd be disappointed ?
    thank you for sharing ?

  9. I'm white & English with an Irish mother & Scottish father so I'm not bothering to do this test as I think the results would be predictable & boring genetically boring!! ???

  10. Finland/NW Russia, probably the Viking ancestors of the British ancestors.

  11. Ok first off after watching your video you said you wanted to know who you were due to slavery and all that yes or words to that effect.

    So I have a question for you, what records are held in Africa from before slavery times that you can go and take a look at to see where you really come from?

    Also the other thing, being only part of a ethnicity is a good thing because if you were not that would suggest a lot of inbreeding, 100% of something will mean 100% of inbreeding so think yourself really lucky that your ancestors got about a bit or you could have ended up an inbreed.

  12. Why would "fully African" be so cool? You are fully human,join the human race. Implying that African 100% is better,makes me sick. ONE love.

  13. since africans came to the americas in antiquity. You could have Native American in your genealogy but it shows up as African. Dark natives were considered slaves too because of their skin tone and integrated into the recent African immigrants making what we know today as "African Americans" . The light skinned natives with European background mainly stayed on reservations and integrated more towards white europeans

  14. If you take African Ancestry DNA test you can know your tribe. Congrats on your results!

  15. Wow! 91%. It's still a great result. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Everyone says that their family has Native American in it and most of them find it is not true. I don’t understand why this myth is so prevalent. I can’t see how you show any European ancestry if all you had was because of the slave masters. It would have been genetically filtered out by now. Anyway I don’t know how all slave masters had children with their slaves. I just don’t think that as many of them did this as what is believed. It just doesn’t make sense because not all white people even owned slaves so that narrows it down even more.

  17. Gullah might descend from the Sierra Leonian and Liberian people (West Africa) the other hypothesis is that Gullah descend from Angolan people. Maybe the reason why a lot of African Americans found their origins in Great Britain and in Scandinavia, could be linked to the Viking invasions, in fact the Vikings settled to England and maybe your British ancestors had a Scandinavian lineage. Moreover Camerun/Congo could also included other Countries such as Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  18. You look like you are from the Ga tribe from Ghana ?? so do some research on them.

  19. Your Finnish component is still from the British side (slave-owners) who were most likely of Scottish descent due to the fact it is Scottish people in Britain who generally have that Finnish/Northwest Russia component. This is linked to the Viking invasions. They too were made slaves and were raped.

  20. Lol the slave master? Prolly not all cases were slavery offspring ?

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