African Ancestry DNA Results: My Late Grandparents!

African Ancestry DNA Results: My Late Grandparents!

The African Ancestry DNA Results of My Late Grandparents are in!

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AncestryDNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!!

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  1. Great videos. Have your Grandparents & Ggrandparents taken DNA tests please? How did you overcome getting DNA info from your family who refused to take the test and also from Dead members of your family?

  2. I'm ordering this test when I get paid. I've done two other dna test already with ancestry and 23 and me. Now I want exactly what tribe I come from.

  3. did you also know that not only the symbol is lion but the country's map itself is a lion head shape….

  4. Allison awesome more Tridadians should do it too,and Tobagians,, and Jamaicans.Its time for continental Africa and Diaspora t6o reunite.

  5. yes I also took the African Ancestry DNA mine came back the mende people from Sierra Leone. I'm so excited because we didn't know where my grandma mother family came from.

  6. Thé madinka not only senegal
    Thé from guinea and mali and guinea bisseau

  7. You can find your tribe by using the raw data from AncestryDNA and 23andMe and uploading the Raw data for free to DNAland and GEDmatch. GEDmatch has a very interesting way of showing your tribe which I like. They list the top 20 tribes in your DNA and the distance your DNA markers are to them. My DNA was closest to the Bamoun or Bamum tribe in Cameroon where the most of my DNA is from (36%), which was show in the initial Ancestry DNA results and confirmed through GEDmatch.

  8. I did mine years ago using various companies. I'm 100% African. I was not surprised because of the history of my family. On African Ancestry, I'm 100% Seereer on both my paternal and maternal. Not surprise here either because I belong to the Cegandum matriclan and the Joof patriclan – both of which are Seereer – found in modern day Senegambia. Although African Ancestry could not tell you the name of the matriclan/patriclan I belong, they were able to identify the tribe for both. The rest was easy because most Seereer families were able to preserve the matriclan (and obviously patriclan) unlike other Senegambian peoples who have adopted Islam or Christianity.

  9. As a Jamaican I would really like to know my ancestry, your Trini accent surely came out when you started to talk about Trinidad. Thx for sharing…

  10. I am going to take another DNA test with african ancestry…I really don't trust any of the other companies.

  11. 3:18 So on maternal side fulani, mende and mandinka from guinea-bissau ,Sierra Leone and Senegal. Wow that's a serious West African mix. Thanks for the video.

  12. WOW… you are 100% from the tribe of Judah or Yahudah!

    Both Maternal and Paternal areas are where the Portuguese exiled the true biblical “Jews” of Spain and Portugal in the late 1490’s!

    If you don’t believe me, research it!

    Gabon was previously called Loango… research Jews of Loango.

    As far as Guinea/Burkina Faso, the Portuguese also exiled the Sephardic Jews there as well to work the mines and sugar cane plantations.

    The Fula are NOT Israelites, but the Fula in Burkina Faso are because they were conquered and assimilated into Fula culture by force.

    Mende and Mandinka yes, but that Fula Ancestry is by conversion, not bloodline.

  13. Awesome! Congrats Alison Ryce for discovering your roots! ?

  14. Did your father take this test or a sibling of his? Also, to trace your mother's lineage…will you take the test or will your mother?

  15. African Ancestry (AA) does not provide good value for the amount of money they charge compared to the other DNA testing services. Nor do they explain the microscopic amount of DNA they compare. Nor do they highlight that their results are probabilities, not definitive, nor certainty. For those reasons and many others, "Buyer Beware." Each one of the current services have their strengths and weaknesses, but AA's DNA reference libraries are the least robust, i.e., smallest number of samples for comparison. AA does a very poor job (no job, actually) of explaining and showing how client's DNA matches their samples and they provide NO reference, historical, or cultural information at their website in support of their clients' analyses. I paid for both the matri and patri tests. The patriclan test was a joke–testing only on 9 markers–12 markers is a minimum and with the ability to test on the Y chromosome up to 111 markers, AA's results are weak at best and completely unreliable at worst. This is a shame because African American genealogists and clients deserve so much better. This service is not ready to serve.

  16. Hi Alison. Got my African Ancestry back . Share paternal Ancestry with the Akyem people of Ghana 100% score. To comment on one of your followers. We have to remember that there was no borders until the European came. And cute up the continent for there own game. African people alway travel. Also adopted in and out of ethnic groups. Also family members who don't tell the family secrets about family members and where they may come from. Family are always withholding. African Ancestry has a excellent African data base. He need to have his DNA Check again. Trace regions are cool start. But each company specializing in different services. There is no such thing as 100% ethnic group. Even the people who have lived in isolation like the Ademenise from the Ademen island who been isolated for at least 50,000 years have DNA markers showing Some admixture. Thank you for sharing your video. Peace and One love.

  17. My great-grandmother passes away 4 years ago so I can’t do it on her ? but my grandmother is still alive. But is there any point to do your grandmothers ? I remember reading that whatever results you get will be the same as their results because you share the same DNA and it test the mother side DNA. But I would assume testing your great-grandmother will give you better results

  18. I love your videos!

    About a year ago I took the My Heritage DNA test. They do a cheek swap and the price was right for me to get started on my journey. Plus I didn’t feel like spitting. ?

    I was so excited about the results I received. They showed that I have DNA percentages from: Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Inuit, Central American, and Western Europe. I am curious by the “Indigenous” percentages. I can’t to find out more about the connections I have with various tribes -DNA wise. I remain intrigued and hope to take African Ancestry in the near future.

    It’s fun to see all the skepticism and the conversations being brought up because of the various DNA searches. There are those who claim 98% of Black people in America are originally from the Americas and have been lied to…. I find that fascinating because it seems to me that many forget that the majority of the world has or had been considered “colored.” The connections and patterns being made by DNA searches tell an amazing story. Even the “paperwork genocide” of keeping people from knowing their histories does not trump legitimate DNA tests nor our continued search/research; listening to the stories of our elders; and connecting with our complex histories.

  19. i'm so glad african americans are finally discovering their lost past excellent results miss. i'm descendent of fairly recent immigrants…i'm yoruba by the way. BĖĖNI ?

  20. Are you going to do your mother's maternal side ?

  21. I also took the test from african ancestry and am fula from guinea bissau. and mende/temne from sierra leone

  22. African Ancestry was the first company that I have used. I share paternal genetic ancestry with Tsogo people living in Gabon ,and maternal genetic ancestry with European populations.

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