AFRICAN ANCESTRY DNA – Maternal & Paternal Results + Backstory

AFRICAN ANCESTRY DNA – Maternal & Paternal Results + Backstory

I took these tests a little while ago and after a long time of thinking, I decided to share the results with the world. Count this as my official proclamation as a proud AFRICAN.

Results @ 3:22 and 7:32

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  1. Wonderful video my Temne/Themne brother I too am matrilineal Temne along with Mandinka of Senegal and Kru of Liberia. Patrilineal Ewe of Ghana. African Ancestry has been a beautiful eye opener experience. Thank you for sharing your testimony.


    You know what’s really neat…?

    There is also a current movement, within the African American community/continental African community, of taking DNA test, such as /, in an effort to find out not only “how much African” is in us…

    But for Continental Africans to find family members, who were taken from their families via the TransAtlantic Slave Trades, who are today, their biological Relatives (albeit 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th cousins); and vice versa for those in the “multigenerational” African Diaspora…to find their biological Africa-born Relatives…from the Families, across the African continent, their Ancestors were taken from.
    One way to find many of your African matches, if you or your parents, grandparents…or other AncestryDNA tested relatives, is:

    As a result, many families from across cultures and continents are reintegrating each other, into their lives/families…etc. trips are being made, back home in Africa, amongst the African Americans who can… to visit their Africa-born family( in cities and villages), from Senegal to Mozambique. Many are taking traditional African names, in naming ceremonies, across not only Africa…but across the United States, in ceremonies that often have Continental African dignitaries, Chiefs, and other forms of royalty, from the community of the Naming…presiding over the ceremonies. All while members of each respective African community represented…celebrate the “coming home” of sorts. It really is a beautiful thing to watch, in the moment.

    One such organization that does this, every year… is a Nigerian organization called “Council of Igbo States in America” in partnership with “”

  3. Welcome home bro. Black American, Caribbean and West African heritage? You really are a child of the diaspora lol

  4. This is pretty cool I been looking into African Ancestry for awhile now just saving money to take a test. It’s great you got African results for your paternal line I haven’t seen too many men get African results on both side. I watched one man get Native American results on his Mother’s line.

  5. Dude I would do a Ancestry DNA test. I guarantee you that you will have Ghanaian ancestry. Unfortunately African Ancestry are not very good at picking up Akan ancestry. Your ancestry will be very highly Akan coming from Jamaica. The Akan are closely related to Mende people so I am not surprised that they mistake us for other Mende type tribes.

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