African American Ancestry DNA Test (I am white?!)

African American Ancestry DNA Test (I am white?!)

If you are interested in doing this, go to:

I am African American and I just did the Ancestry DNA test. The results are IN and I am shocked!

I was always told that I was part Indian. Actually, from my mom’s generation down, we were all told we were part American Indian. It turns out we have little to no American Indian. I suspect many African Americans are told that they are mixed with American Indian because of the circumstances of the slavery in America.

The Ancestry DNA test also matched me with an entire branch of strangers that are family?



  1. No Ged match for you how come? you did not do one your wife did one im surprised by that could you please do one .

  2. First off I really enjoy you guys videos but it's been proven that The DNA test are junk science introduced by your oppressor. Check out Dane calloway. You are the original Indian.

  3. Tina Turner had her wakeup call…no Indian..Dream on. In my Case I have 0 positive Blood Type which is the common type for so called Indians. I have Indian and Negro ancestors also some Irish who married one of the Indians on my mom's side. I claim Negroid due to thats what my parents taught me . Bear i mind my dads parents looked real Indian as well as his sister but he looked almost white. He didn't like that and married my mom who is darker then him. His family dint like Negroes but my mom wasn't dark! Academic/governmental colonial White folks screwed the planet up with fake categories and in some cases to get out of reparations to indigenous Blacks of America. It 's not all their fault because we allowed them to do it.

  4. HAHAHA! I love it! LOL! you guys are fun to watch, but I just wanted to say how much I truly enjoy your channel, Ive been watching you shortly after you started and I cant express how much all the videos you share helped me understand so much as it pertains to my journey! I'll be following you as long as you are here! Excellent work and I strive someday to make my videos as good as yours, I work to much now but someday. Oh, I mentioned in my last video post hour channel, and how much I really enjoy it, I hope you dont mind. Take care, good to see you doing well and happy!

  5. Greetings The first question was strange: what is your race?! Firstly race has nothing to do with DNA as race is neither a biological, scientific, or genetic term. I would think that in this century, the 21st, people would realize that race is a socio-political term and there are no human races in nature. They were brought into existence by the original white supremacists (aka Western European enslavers) to rationalize their crimes against humanity. The only reason why any human classification exists is to stratify human beings for social, political, and economic reasons. There is no reason. In any event, all these DNA tests results provide information on whether your alleles match different population groups around the world. Nothing more and nothing less.

  6. Cool! ^_^ can’t wait to see your wife’s results 🙂

  7. Bro you’re soo lucky for getting the new and updated results!!
    Oh and my results were:
    Great Britain 24%
    Europe West 10%
    Mali 9%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 8%
    Benin/Togo 7%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu 6%
    Caucasus 5%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Nigeria 4%
    Scandinavia 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
    Europe South 2%
    Native American 1%
    Senegal 1%
    Africa South Central Hunter-Gatherers <1%

  8. Hope we notice that there is no African American. It’s such a bullshit that they make. I like Bruce really he seems a very educated and well mannered than the usual blacks.
    But all the blacks came from Africa back to the slavery history of White Americans that brought them here.
    Why do they have to be upset if people call them Blacks or colors. It actually is!
    African American is just something made up that is not actually the real history.
    I’m Asian and I’m proud of being Asian even though it’s difficult to being proud of my own country but I’m Asian not Asian American. So just be proud of what you are.
    Honestly I hate when black people say they are African American. There is no such thing like that! If you are pure blacks then say that you are black not African American or do they have African British? Or African Canadian? Neither!
    So just be proud if you are black! People will more respect it as long as you have good manners and behavior that’s the only way to show people your race! Thanks!

  9. i love history and science so im always very curious to learn more. ive tried to research Pilipines history and some genetics also. From what ive read most people in the Philippines are only 1 or 2% spanish and actually have more northern european or african descent than spanish ancestry. Surprisingly even some native American background. It's possible i guess if you consider that the Spanish didn't live in a vacuum. Of course they would've mixed with other Europeans Africans and native Americans prior to sailing on to asia. You'll find some middle eastern blood mixed in Philippines too but mostly China India malaysia and a lesser extent Japanese and korean. What most of these groups have in common is seafaring, trading cultures.

  10. Interesting results! I tryed many companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics .Hope it helps in case you want to try another one 🙂

  11. My father was full-blooded Eastern European.  So, Bruce, you and I will have to have a get-together party with all of our mutual, second cousins, fifth-removed.  I have September open.  😀

  12. Thanks for share, I have tested several companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics with more than 400 regions. They accept raw data and the report is very complete, hope it helps 🙂

  13. hope you find youre father if thats what you want and i see no danish 😛

  14. Your jokes are seriously not funny and truly ignorant and stupid/insensitive not only to Native Americans but also your own African people. Sad you probably married her because her father passed away and think you'll be getting or sharing part of the money.

  15. has been exposed for using questionable techniques to arrive at these conclusions. Do not believe it! Just take this fact with you: Your from planet Earth.

  16. This is a funny and good video. Thanks for doing this, I might try too

  17. Have wanted to do this for years but was scared of tying my name to the results. As mail in the Philippines takes 3 weeks to get to the US is there a time constraint on getting the sample back to them?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. I would consider myself a mixture of being cambodian and filipino chinese culture person because i been raised around people learn to adapt cultures even though im african american with irish and chereokee on my dad side…again this video pretty interesting and educated for the viewers keep it up bruce and yuri…. i will post more content on my other channels later when i get the chance…

  19. I'm black African-American. Eventually I will do Ancestry DNA for myself to see what countries I'm related to.

  20. Well big HELLO my long lost/brother/cousin/uncle or aunty, (think I've covered all the bases). Don't forget when you are making your will, freddymck119 AKA 6 degrees of separation (Oh ok maybe 12) was looking for you all my life and glad you did the DNA that proves we are???? er human 🙂

  21. I have Scottish heritage from the slave trade I found out LoL ?? good video it's interesting what you can find out what you are or what's in your background and man your editing is always awesome I got to step my game up.

  22. I loved the video guys keep it up I have always wanted to do this maybe now I will be motivated to do my own cant wait to see yuri's results I wish the both of you happy journeys where ever this may take you.

  23. You definitely looked like you were mixed with something

  24. For me i am 77% african, 21% European, 1% native American and 1% Southeast Asian.

  25. i took a DNA test through 23andme, i'm 67%, 23% European, 10% either unidentified or South-East Asia, and .06% Native American. My maternal lineage is Native American and I wished i had my DNA results when goofy people would constantly tell me and my family that we have no Native ancestry because we look Black. I am Black (Chicago Black) by culture and race. I only claim Native American for lineage purposes and not by culture. Their way of life is vastly different than someone born on the southside of chicago. I would've loved to shut them up with documentation. Great video, guys.

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