African American Ancestry DNA Results SHOCKER!!!

African American Ancestry DNA Results SHOCKER!!!

Super excited about sharing this video with you guys! My goal was to research my ethnic background. Most African Americans are unaware of what regions or countries within Africa they originate. Check out the results. Super excited about this.


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  1. legally entertainment! not real! what dose your genealogy say! go n with your paper trail

  2. Im from Puerto Rico dark skin and i got 64% African the highest was cameroon congo bantu people whit a 37% and i found out that 4% percent Italian an 2% Ireland and scotland very surprised crazy results!! ?

  3. what about GED match, have you tried that and also did you find any Nigerian relatives?

  4. i believe you, because some of them do look at you and could tell you who you look like

  5. I'm thinking about getting my DNA Ancestry testing soon.? Do I look Nigerian, Ghanaian, or Etc?

  6. It's crazy how we both have the same percentage of African and I'm 4 shades lighter…..

  7. African ancestry only deals with your mother side only. So when you get those results that’s what everyone on your mother side is from

  8. Lol we have the same last name. It’s funny because Patterson’s are so proud there has been times I’ve crossed paths with a few and they all believe we are related. Loved the video I’m definitely looking forward to getting mine done as well.

  9. Very interesting video! Thanks for sharing. I am planning on getting the test done too. Just out of curiosity, have you been researching some of your ancestral cultures and taking part in some cultural events?

  10. I used Wegene a Chinese one and I got tribes in Africa. My DNA tests are back. 74.53% African 23.22% European 1.7% Central Asian
    69.80% Yoruba tribe ( Nigerian) 2.71% Bantu People of South Africa 1.32% Mbuti .69% Somalia
    14.60% Hungarian 7.65% Spanish
    .95% German Jewish 1.7% Kirghiz

  11. I received 35% Nigerian. My surprise amount was 16% Irish/Scotland/Wales.

  12. I got my results. I’m 73% African, 23% Western European, 2.6% Iberian Peninsula, and 1.1% South-Eastern Asia. ?. I thought I would’ve been more African than that.

  13. I used they send you documentation certificates information on what area and what tribe carries your Geno match. It’s wonderful. Mine came back Ghana the Ashanti people, with pics of the people today etc.

  14. Look through your DNA matches you could have relatives who never left Africa and you could meet them!!!

  15. You look Yoruba.
    I believe you are. I am Yoruba and have met a few cousins thru this. Big Ups brother, welcome back home?

  16. U look more african than me but u have WAAAAY more white than me, 2x as much.

  17. Ure a coloured quadroon (70-79% african), but wooooow u look passing black (80-94% black), i was off i guessed 80-85 black.

  18. I love watching folks do their DNA reveals. Its really interesting to me to see how our ancestors migrated here from all over. I even found an adopted first cousin on Ancestry DNA! We got together and figure out she's the daughter of my dad's oldest brother. He was out traveling around working here and there when he was 18 and got a girl pregnant and then passed away many years without even knowing about her. She does have two half sisters though that are really excited to get to know her (they tested and confirmed it). So yeah, those DNA relatives can be really interesting! Oh, and I'm 98% European, but even I have a tiny bit of Nigerian DNA according to the test (less than one percent). 1% Native American too. Guess that's typical for a person of white Southern background.

  19. My native American showed on my ancestry DNA test. My results are 80% african
    18% European
    1% Asian
    1%native American
    My largest region in Africa is from Cameroon ??

  20. don't forget to visit the motherland soon. we will cook you some african food. much love. Am from Ghana.

  21. awesome!!! I ordered mine but waiting for them be arriving. I know my family is from Mexico but I did some studies family in both side mom and dad. I hit jackpot on mom's side more than dad side. As far, I knew that we are part of Native Concho Indiana in Mexico. I'm pretty sure maybe Spanish since I am light brown skin but my grandpa believe we are part of German and France because of history time happened in Mexico State. It's a lot study after I watched so many "who do think you are?" show for some tips and pieces of advice. Huge helpful!! tho. I can't wait to find out more when DNA come and everything. I am only doing this for my mom. She want find her lost cousin that she never met. Her mom's family side is very mysterious. So, hopeful we reunition some family. aahh!! exciting.

  22. You consider yourself mix?

  23. I am quite surprised that you got 78% African because you look more like 85% African. Are one of your grandparents mixed race?

  24. Bruh! I have 83% Cameroon/Congo, 4% Tanzania, 3% South Central Africa, 8% European, 2% Middle Eastern, 2% North Africa!! 🙂

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