African American Ancestry DNA Results | I KNEW IT!

African American Ancestry DNA Results | I KNEW IT!

Hey Daizies! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the info I’ve always wanted to know is here! Results start at 1:12. Have you ever done the AncestryDNA test? I thought it was an exciting experience. Share your thoughts below

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  1. I can't believe you're 87% African. I'm only 69% African and you're lighter than me. It just comes to show that, looks can be deceiving. Though to be fair on my part, I'm also Latino because of my grandfather. Mexican to be exact.
    Lovely results and you look beautiful ?

  2. Respect from CAMEROON/ hope you work on your French. cus we are of English and french expression

  3. Lovely results… all Black Americans dream of be Native Americans, but usually not…

  4. Wow, you are very beautiful. But what most black people miss in these DNA test is finding out your Haplogroup. This is especially important information for us black people because it will tell you if you carry the Hebrew gene. Yes, the Hebrews of the bible. Most Black people in America carry it and something tells me that you carry it to. Did your father or brother take a DNA test? If so you can see if they carry this specific haplogroup and if your father carries it then so do you. To me this is the biggest info in one of these test. A brief history the Hebrews of the bible were exiled due to invaders and escaped south into deeper Africa. In time over thousands of years they went farther south and west and settled in west Africa and from there they were sold into slavery. Basically what I'm saying is finding out that you are in the Hebrew lineage I would think is the most important thing from these test. It means that you may have ancestors that are a part of probably the biggest of all the histories. Roughly 60 percent of African Americans have Hebrew lineage. It is passed down by the father to son, but the daughter also carries it. But the difference is that the daughter can't pass it on. It is only passed through the male. That's why in ancient times, even in the time of Moses, it was the sons that were ordered to be killed. Because if you kill the sons the bloodline will also be killed.

  5. Very interseting. I'm Cameroonian. If you decide to visit africa again you should go to Limbe in Cameroon.

  6. When you said "Martha Hi" I was so confused for a sec because thats my name as well lmaooo

  7. she must have one percent Irish blood and she will be very excited.

  8. Cool results and I am so jealous that you are going to Africa… That's my dream as soon as I get over my fear of flying lol… I wanna go to Ghana especially since I found out that's the majority of my African ancestry ?

  9. most african americans came from congo, angola, nigeria ghana the gambia, and sierra leone. if you go to they have the ports our ancestors came out of there are two ports. near cameroon slaves in america are listed as coming from calabar which is actually in nigeria and cameroons in cameroon. angola and congo had the ports of ambriz,cabinda,malembo, loango, and congo north. more slaves came to america from congo/angola than cameroon. and most calabar slaves where either igbo or ibibio people who have a lot a of cameroon type dna. it rises to 35% in some of them. there is a video of an igbo girl named kelechi or kaykay and another by a girl named ormuka not igbo herself but a neighboring tribe, anyway she got 35% cameroon congo and another nigerian girl in her comments got the same. so it could be you are mixed nigerian igbo or neighbors and congolese . both nigerians and ghanaians get benin togo. people from liberia get high ivory coast ghana ,but they don't get as high of benin togo. and they get higher senegal and mali. you can check out some cool charts on fonte felipe's blog tracingafricanroots on wordpress. your white scores are just typical murican. that translates to english scottish welsh irish german dutch and french.those are the whites who got together and became the u s of a. if you watch other videos most of us blacks are going to come back great britain,ireland,europe west,and scandinavia.just rearranged. most of us on africa are gonna be #1 nigeria,cameroon congo or ivory coast ghana. and most of us will be 0- less than 1% native american. 80something% is a average for african americans.

  10. Very nice results my young sister! Thanks for sharing your results.

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