1. Congratulations your Russiasian! lol Much love!

  2. Id say you look like a lot of my former classmates Polish in Poland. Sorta a bit gypsy and jewish but mainly Polish .it would be easier to say if you didnt paint your eyebrows so much . People in poland are super mixed with turks mongols russians ukrainians jewish and romenian ppl. You look very polish to me.

  3. you are 70% slav and 20% romanian gypsy (<=indian)

    gypsies mean egyptians but they are indians, romania has many gypsies

    that's why your kisses are magical

  4. Why do so many persons trying to read tthei dna reports sound so freakin' dumb!!!!! I'm not surprised that you are gypsy, go back to school . Their origin is India or south east asia. You need to read and pronounce English.

  5. You gypsys are the parasites of our European societies.

  6. The gypsy word is like the N word here. You will want to say Roma. You should be super pround!! The Roma people have such a rich history. We came from Pakistan long ago. We are the wonders of the world <3 I'm adopted too from Romania all I know and know I'm part Roma. What you could do is ask your parents what adoption organization your from and connect them if your off age they will send you information about you if your of age. I always felt growing up I was not able to look into my past. A couple years ago I contacted the Romanian adoption agency to see if they could find anymore info on me. After 20 years I was able to find my birth father still in question to this day, my birth mom and found out I had a little sister. The search for identity is so hard for us. I was adopted when I was 8 so all of it felt it was torn from me. My culture my language. I'm am slowly putting it back together. I'm going to try 23 and me. At the moment I'm in the process of trying to get more info through my adoptions papers that tenchally have been kept from me. What I want to say to the parents of adopted children.. IT NEVER right to hind your child info from them it's a part of them and who they are. We have just as much as any other human being to find out who we are too :)!

  7. Gypsy/Roma people originate in India and started migrating West between 500-1000 AD, absorbing into their gene-pool individuals of the local populations they mover thorough – like West Asians and Eastern Europeans – The Balkans are likely their point of entry into Europe, and they likely settled for a long time around the area of Romania, Bulgaria, and nearby countries. You're a beautiful woman and should be proud of your ancestry and roots.

  8. Looking at you, I would have guessed Italian. You look like a young Alyssa Milano.

  9. Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing. All those Middle Eastern, central/west Asia, and South Asian results are more than likely related to your Roma ancestry. Fascinating!

  10. Thanks for sharing this video. That's pretty cool to find out about your haratge. Don't pay attention to racist comments. Those people have a low self-esteem and they love to take it on others. I don't know if I heard it right. You said you are Jewish? We're you adopted by a Jewish family?

  11. OMG girl You are so geographically ignorant!!!

  12. Very informative…thank you for presenting your story. I am an adoptee as well. I've done 23&me, and have been pondering over ancestry. This video helped me decide–thank you!

  13. radomly saw your video but you sound like your made up of all the USSR and puppet states abd where tgey influence things I'm in to history so yeah you said you where adopted by Russia so yeah you sounding like your hertage comeing from every part that made the USSR and puppet states and where USSR ( and/or pre USSR Rusdian Empire ) influenced things or bored

  14. Your Asian south blood probably comes from Gypsy Rom who migrated into Balkans from India.

  15. A little observation. Gypsies originated from northern India. Not from Romania. 🙂

  16. Gypsies originate from India which explains the south asia and indian ancestry you have. There are a lot of gypsies in Eastern Europe, but they did not originate there. The East European Ancestry is Slavic which expains your Russian ancestry. Yes the country of Georgia is pronounced exactly like the state of Georgia. NOONE can give you specifics!! No matter what DNA test you do you will never get specifics.

  17. You probably get this a lot but you look so much like Alissa Milano it's spooky. Right I'll watch the video now lol

  18. The symbol on AncestryDNA near the 1% does NOT indicate “greater than”, it indicates “less than” 1%. And Georgia is a country in Europe.

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