1. could your name be the reason for the difference? they might have thought you were a different person

  2. Hello Fabian, If you are serious about suing the company I can definitely assist you. Please email me at: Carla.accumetrics@gmail.com

    Speak soon,

  3. Thank you! I was researching a dna testing company that could help with my native ancestry. I didn't see any reviews but clickéd on their video they had and after I watched that I just kept on with watching yours. Glad I did! If anyone has a DNA testing company they can refer to I would appreciate that. Thanks again! Much gratitude

  4. Hi Fabian, I have insider knowledge of Viaguard. Am a former employee, please contact me ASAP.

  5. Got this for my son from Groupon Australia at his request, results are very strange and don’t make sense – I don’t trust them. Wish I’d seen this video before I bought the test. Have also seen lots of negative views on their pat DNA tests. Which company do you think is a reputable company for ancestry DNA testing?

  6. oh great I'm still waiting on my results and now I'm not sure I'll trust them. So did you resubmit your DNA or did they just re-run the same DNA? What was their explanation for the error?

  7. Oh my gosh – this is crazy. That company is FRAUD all the way. I hope they are no longer in business. Obviously they just put some numbers on paper. Thanks for the warning.

  8. do not use this company !!!!! first look up the reviews they are bad !!!! look on facebook as well and yelp
    I paid for myself , my sister and my mom . First I refused to answer their survey questions, asking me my ethnicity . SO what did they do ????
    they told me by my moms last name she was chinese and by my sisters last name she was polish and then they told me I was full Italian . Their was even a uy who reported they told him a child belonged to him and he paid out support to find out later with new tests it was not his child …but their is so many more !!!!! THey returned my money to shut me up !!

  9. I was going to use this company but now that's a no lol.

  10. for some reason I can't watch it yet it says problem while playing I love all your videos

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