1. The Ibo are originally from Cameron ..the place call Biafar …was never part of Nigeria

  2. The guy who made this video is a complete ignorant jack ass. Just because you live in Nigeria doesnt mean you know your own history. What a dumb ass.
    Muslim Hausa and Fulani are the predominant ethnic groups in Nigeria’s northern region. Though the groups originated in different parts of West Africa, religion, intermarriage and adoption of the Hausa language by the Fulani have unified the groups over time. In contemporary Nigerian society, they are often referred to collectively as Hausa-Fulani.

    The largest of the major ethnic groups, Hausa and Fulani have been politically dominant since Nigeria’s independence from Britain in 1960.

    Islam is a key component of their ethnic identity and continues to inform their role in modern Nigerian society and politics. Their culture is deeply patriarchal and patrilineal.

  3. Nigeria and Cameroon were once one.Makes since to me they are specifically talking about Mitochondria eve gene

  4. I’m half Nigerian. Igbo as well. My first result stated I was 47% Nigerian. I said ok it makes sense! So now they have updated the analysis. Now I am Benin Togo and Cameroon. Nigerian dropped to 7%. Can you imagine? *long Kiss teeth**

  5. Why are you rejecting the result? Igbo people are from South east Nigeria, on the border with Cameroon. Don’t look at land borders that were drawn by the British in 1905. There never used to be those borders in the time of your ancestors.

  6. Did you know Nigeria and Cameroon were 1 country? And today there is a push for southern Cameroon to join Nigeria or make their own Country. So no surprise here and the tribes in Cameroon are in Nigeria as well and since you tested your mother's it is OK to assume your mum was from Hausa tribe in Cameroon but your dad was from Nigeria as at the time of slavery there was no Cameroon and Hausa/fulani/igbo and many more tribes have their major root or Base largest population and native language speakers in Nigeria.

  7. Dont believe that test bro, unless u have any inkling ur mom was related to hausa people. I would request for a refund if my test showed my full blooded igbo mother was related to non se,ss nigeria, fuck No!!! Cameroon, probably because alot of igbos migrated to Cameroon during the war, most never came back. Alot of my cameroonian friends look just like igbo people to me, u wouldnt even notice they are not igbo so i think we do share some dna with cameroon especially western cameroon.

    An igbo be linked to hausa ancestry is like a german shepherd linked to a chihuahua dna. It makes no sense.

  8. This is why i tell people. These ancestry tests are fucking fraudulent. I feel for people who believe that shit. Cameroon, probably.

    Another thing these tests are known to do is include European ancestry to black people while white people are mostly European. Nonsense!!! It should be the other way around. Every person originates from africa and not Europe. Im black and proud to be 100% black, no fucking reptilian dna in me. Lets keep it that way.

  9. It's possible, Bruh. I'm an African historian, and I've read about migrations. We cannot assume that your family has been in what is now Nigeria since time immemorial. It really leads to more questions about West African migration so I wouldn't blow it off.

  10. With every generation (before us) our DNA percentages decrease by half.  We get:

         50% from each parent

         25% from each grandparent

         12.5% from each great-grandparent

         6.25% from each 2nd great-grandparent

         3.12% from each 3rd great-grandparent

         1.56% from each 4th great-grandparent and so on…

    By the time you consider DNA from your 20th great-grandparents…that’s already 4,194,304 ancestors (from both mother and father) that you’ve gotten a VERY small percentage of DNA from.  This is where “trace regions” come in play.

    I say that to say this, trace regions are equally important.  The trace regions represent our eldest ancestors, back from Ancient Africa (or wherever your results show). The percentages are usually very low, because the ancestor is from so far back that the DNA percentage is not that strong.  But the DNA from those millions of people will collectively make up that small DNA trace region percentage.

    My AncestryDNA result was 3% for Ivory Coast/Ghana.  My tribe result from the AfricanAncestry mitochondrial (maternal) test was the Akan of Ghana. To me, my results from both tests align perfectly…as the woman in this tribe would've been my eldest female ancestor (that 3% represented on the AncesteyDNA test).


    Ever wonder why you have so many cousins with your DNA results?  Because we share so many ancestors! Our number of ancestors double with every generation:

    Parents 2
    Grandparents 4
    Great-Grandparents 8
    2nd Great-Grandparents 16
    3rd Great-Grandparents 32
    4th Great-Grandparents 64
    5th Great-Grandparents 128
    6th Great-Grandparents 256
    7th Great-Grandparents 512
    8th Great-Grandparents 1,024 
    9th Great-Grandparents 2,048
    10th Great-Grandparents 4,096
    11th Great-Grandparents 8,192
    12th Great-Grandparents 16,384
    13th Great-Grandparents 32,768
    14th Great-Grandparents 65,536
    15th Great-Grandparents 131,072
    16th Great-Grandparents 262,144
    17th Great-Grandparents 524,288
    18th Great-Grandparents 1,048,576
    19th Great-Grandparents 2,097,152
    20th Great-Grandparents 4,194,304

    And so on…

  11. Awwww….you just found out that your eldest female ancestor was not Igbo eh? Sorry ?. I suggest having your mother, sister, maternal aunt or maternal niece tested to see if any one of them get the same result. Which mostly likely, they will. Your children wouldn't work because you're a man and can't pass the gene on.

    The mitochondrial gene is only found in the female egg and does not mix with any other gene. So it passes on from generation to generation from mother to children…without ever altering.

    LoL…I swear I love when Africans take these tests and share their results. They are VERY misinformed when it comes to their TRUE ancestry… thinking that they are only one ethnicity (100%).

    Sorry to tell you bruh.. but no one is 100% of anything. Throughout history women from African tribes all over the continent were sold, traded, married into other tribes and even kidnapped. I doubt any of your eldest female ancestors were the exception.

  12. African Ancestry is fake. Real scammers. Ancestry DNA is the only accurate one

  13. There are two types of tests on that site..he should have done the paternal and not the the maternal

  14. I want to also point out that the current country borders were made willy-nilly by WHITE FOLKS (colonizers). You realize, when you research West Africa and the real ancient civilizations and the lands of those civilizations that NIGERIA and the civilization that created the current Nigerian society was much bigger and encompassed the lands of current day Cameroon.

    Also, the points that people made below in your comments section are very accurate historically. In many cases, we need to assess results through the lens of the time BEFORE the colonizers. Anything the colonizers have a hand it creates chaos and makes little sense. Just wanted you to know.

  15. apparantly igbos believe their grandfather/great great grandpa was white as they are so obssessed with light skinned and bleaching

  16. At least you are Africa and you are just next door to Nigeria!!

  17. Didn’t you take the other DNA test that told you that you had Cameroon DNA ?? And if you’re only testing your mothers side of the family with this one it’s also telling you that you have Cameroon DNA as well it seems actuate to me, especially since you’re only testing your mothers side of the family.

  18. Hey guys I took a dna 23andme ancestry test btw! I also submitted my raw data to gedmatch, dna land etc. Go to my channel for the videos!

  19. This guy just took this for Youtube or just to see if these results are legitimate … Am sorry but in terms of tribes they only ever mention a few select tribes. They don’t even have a list of Native American tribes. And the fact African Americans have to pay to get tribes confirmed after being stolen is criminal.

  20. This is not shocking. Africans has always intermarried. The Igbos are right next to Cameroon, infact some parts of Cameroon was in Eastern Nigeria until they voted to join Cameroon. The Fulanis colonised parts of Cameroon and converted them to Islam and also intermarried with them.

  21. Nna, you do understand, that's just from your mother's side right?? I doubted them as well and wanted to prove they're fraud, so I did one for my father's side. It came back I'm 100% from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. Duh, I knew that already, just wanted to see how accurate they were. So do one for your Father's side. Just saying…


  23. My name is Shlomo ben Judah, and my maternal mitochondrial DNA is from Martha Hitler……What??!!!

  24. You may have a good idea who Mom is, but Dad is a different story.

  25. Black people never want to read. African Ancestry has 3 tests to take to give you accurate results $300 total. They also have the largest inventory of African DNA samples in the world, making there tests more accurate than any other. Some of these companies are offering cheap tests and only testing one line of DNA. I have seen videos on youtube of people who get 2 tests done and end up with completely different results.

  26. I’ve heard that light skin Igbos are mixed with British ancestry.

  27. Are people actually challenging this man's knowledge of his own tribe? Look, Africans know our tribes and our tribes are very distinct. No one confuses a Hausa man for an Igbo. Africans look different. Non-Africans cant really see it but we know ourselves. Furthermore, these test providers have to come to us to get the information in the first place. The tests are based on what information we give them and how the providers choose to interpret that information. Most of these tests are nothing more than broad generalizations and the sample sizes are soooooo small. Most Africans tribes aren't even accounted for. And despite all of that, this test can only tell you less than .1% of your DNA makeup, if that, and the spokesperson for this test admitted this in an interview. I'm 100% African, I know my tribes going back generations, on both sides due to dynasties on both sides. I've had my results done and my tribes were completely wrong. I'm sorry but these tests are utter nonsense. There is simply no way to use DNA to accurately trace African tribes. You could be from 100 tribes but the test is only selecting 1-4 for you to randomly choose from. Seriously? I wish African Ancestry would just be honest about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHjJJfhfRgs&feature=youtu.be

  28. You already know you are Igbo, do this test. Perhaps you want your family to loose their rights in Igboland when bonafide indigenes stats rattling the waters. This test is not necessary for you. You are putting your family in community wahala

  29. you was Probably a Cameroonian born in Nigeria..lmao
    or You Tested from your mother Side.

    That sounds about Correct

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  31. Thanks for proved me That dna test africanAncestry its not a scam . 🙂 (I m african and i always wondering if it was)

  32. African people are mixed– as a matter of fact –they are more diverse genetically than Europeans.

  33. Man I knew you would try to verify this test just like the other DNA test you took. Well let's hear the results

  34. Why are all these black people falling for the scams of these white people. Stop buying into this and paying those clowns they get enough money out of us anyway, and all of our resources out of Africa.

  35. Nice job hiding your name lol. African Ancestry but why. Though, I would have to say that a lot of Igbos moved to the cameroon during the war.

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