A Latina / Mexican Ancestry DNA Result

A Latina / Mexican Ancestry DNA Result

I am a Latina and I want to learn where my ancestors come from. I took the Ancestry DNA and reveal my results. Let me know in the comments if you took it and leave me your results or link to your Ancestry DNA video

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  1. Studies show that 100% of genetic testing amounts to nothing but guess work for profit ……always pay attention to who owns these companies…..those results are 100% computer simulations that are based on data collected and in essence they profit from genetic astrology …..like opening up a Chinese fortune cookie

  2. I am from Jalisco. I got a similar percentage of native american. My guess was that you would be 60 to 70% native you look it very much.

  3. I love, your video one of the smartest ones I've seen. Love the knowledge.

  4. My prediction is native american (20-30%), Iberian Peninsula(10-25%), north african(less than 10%), Italy/greece(10%)
    West europe (France/germany), scandinavia,European jewish and Maybe Great Britain/Ireland

  5. People don't have African blood because of slavery that had slavery because some disrespect people kidnapped West Africans . It's not slave blood just a different type of human being's blood. You don't go around saying you have some Jewish blood because of the Holocaust. Not that anyone really cares what I think but it just sounds rude to keep referring to people with Black ancestry as having slave's blood like they are sub human or something. They were just another victim of colonization that were strong enough to survive.

  6. No se porque algunos latinos que nacieron en EU, tienen la tonta idea de que el ser latino es igual a Nativo Americano, y no alcanzan a comprender o entender que lo de latino viene de España, Portugal, Italia etc. etc. y que en América Latina por la obvia herencia hispánica que tenemos en nuestros genes, es que nos convierte en latinos también…y lo digo porque ya he visto varios casos en donde latinos de EU demuestran su ignorancia respecto a esto, de verdad que no estaría mal que este tipo de gentes que le dieran una leída a la Historia de América Latina…siempre es bueno aprender mas de nuestros orígenes.

  7. Having binge watching quite a few of these Mexican dna test results I’ve come to agree with one person’s assessment of the Mexican race. The the Mexicans are guacamolians. A genetic mixture of the many people around the globe gathered into one geographic location. I have to say what I’m surprised regarding your test results, that just about every person with Iberian peninsula genes going along with your statement of people’s migration patterns, that you do not have any Jewish genetic coding in you! Just about everyone one has around the same percentage as your Polynesian result. Then again you don’t have a Sephardic Jewish surname either. Nor do you have ashkenazi genes as well. Hmmm? However, those with a diverse group of African genes Bantu seems to be listed as being apart many participants results. It’s just something that has caught my attention, since it keeps appearing on a frequent basis.

  8. I might be related . Or mixed similar to you

  9. 100% European here asking : are you a so called dreamer??

  10. My guess is that you are 60 iberian and 40 indian.

  11. 68% native, 26%portuguese, 6% african, asian under 1% and no jewish or other european

  12. I imagine my results being very similar to yours since my dad is from Jalisco and mom from Aguascalientes. Very interesting.

  13. I always can tell when someone is jalisciense smhh

  14. Sorry but you don't know what there term Latin/Latino/Latina means. You are not a Latina and Latina is not a Race, not an Ethnicity, not a DNA, bot a Skin Color, not a Look, you cannot look Latino/a. It's all an invention of the "Hispanics". Latin/Latino/Latina is a language and a culture and has nothing to do with being Hispanic. Latin/Latino/Latina is the language spoken by the Romans and their Latin Culture. You are from where the French called Amerique Latine therefore you are "Latin American" by geographical origin only. Everything Latin be it the Latin people, the Latin Language and the Latin culture all comes from Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America. These are the real Latins, linguistically and culturally: Italians, French, Romanians. Portuguese and Spaniards. http://www.latins-latinos.yolasite.com

  15. I was drinking in Madrid with a Spaniard and he sneered and told me that "pigs and Mexicans eat corn." I gathered that he still thought Spanish are the superior masters, above their brown mestizo cousins, the mixed-breed offspring of the CONQUERORS. Those conquerors sure did a lot of humping of the brown native girls all over Central and South America. I mean it was a jizz fest.

  16. I am American of Mexican parents, I am very white. My kids have blonde and light brown hair, their dad is Puerto Rican. No all Mexicans have Indian blood. My father is from Los Altos de Jalisco, the most European influenced region in Mexico. Mexican is a nationality not a race.

  17. i told yall When i came to america from greece i thought spanish was greek.. so much for gringo hate… a 3rd of hispanic/latinos can be traced back to europe and yall speak a roman language…………

  18. Yea NATIVE AMERICAN! The proof is in the blood. Mexicans are not immigrants. We are conditioned to believe this nonsence. Their land was taken from them….

  19. 2 countries on Iberian peninsula Portugal and Spain, not just Spain:)

  20. Also… when the Spaniards arrived they were already mixed with Italian (due to being a Roman colony for several centuries before the islamic caliphate occupying southern half of spain ~which is also is the North African % if you)

  21. %46 Native American, 32% Iberian Peninsula (genetic community; Chihuahua & Durango, specifically "Northern Chihuahua/Southwest New Mexico")

  22. Cool! You do look "Mestiza". (Were the best looking people lol)

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