5 Lies About African American Genealogy and Family History Research

5 Lies About African American Genealogy and Family History Research

Are you new to African American genealogy and family history? Are you having a hard time sifting through all the noise online? Here’s a quick video to help you escape some of the most common misconceptions about this line of research and how you can start to more accurately tell our stories.


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  1. Africans owned slaves too! South Carolina Moors where considered free whites ! Native American slavery went on 200 years before Africans were brought to America , they enslaved one another ! Africans told Christopher Columbus about the Americans ! If you think all natives had had straight hair and light skin your ignorant! Powhatan was describe as the ? who had 200 with him black as himself ! DeSoto said they look like ethopians ! With short bushy hair pulled behind there head! They also said they wore locks mixed dirt unchanged for many years! The bomnapak murials have the Aboriginals painted with locks also and very dark ! Native American are more so Eskimos! They migrated here! They came before Europeans and helped them in many situations against us from North to South America ! Helping take down the dark indigenous Americans! We mixed alot with mongoloids but not like that! Pure blood is always black ! King kamayamaya of Hawaii was black with fro and family was till the 1800

  2. The slave masters would allow slaves to marry why wouldn't they document their inventory pre 1870 census?

  3. A intelligence bottle line on a complex nature of DUALITY. Thank u!

  4. Do you have historical bases that there were wife/wife, husband/husband unions in those days? That's a pretty recent invention among the black community, so I highly doubt there were gay slaves jumping the broom.

  5. Well my grandparents weren't ashamed to tell the truth they said they were mixed with European and Indian and to just label myself other. They also own land in NC. Who said all Indians are light skinned with straight hair. Not the description Giovanni Verrazano gave of the people he encountered

  6. I really appreciate this video. Great commentary!

  7. Big Secret: Many of our relatives have created the story of having Native America ancestry to explain why "Grandma" has light skin and straight hair. The truth is, she looked that way because she was the result of slave rape. Our ancestors told this narrative to cover over the stigma of such a common practice. In my own family, this is quite evident too. When my nephew questioned my grandfather about our "Irish Mix", here was my grandpa's response: "Boy…We Don't talk about those things". Obviously, this was a very painful subject for him, who by the way looked like an "old white man" as he approached old age. Just my two cents.

  8. I took my dna test from Hertiage. I got an error 1st then results. I am worried that is not accurate. Should I retake my dna test.

  9. Don't forget about the 17 slave ships that brought Black Malagasy from the Island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean to Tidewater Virginia and New York and those Blacks that were smuggled out of Madagascar and brought to Texas and other States in the Americas.

  10. Hello! I just found your channel. I am really happy because I literally just signed up for a free trial of Ancestry.com and beginning my research. I am looking forward to watching your other videos and connecting with you and other people of color who are researching their family history. Thank you for creating this channel.

  11. That's my issue. My father said his mother was Native. I met a lady recently who said she knew the family and they still had tepees on the land. I can't find them on the census prior to 1910. So I don't know what to think. We are from Louisiana but I don't know how if this is so they would have been separated out from their tribe. I'm still thinking it's likely unfounded oral history but I don't know. Taking the test next month.

  12. 1:09 Can't discuss AA genealogy myths without the "my grandmother had light skin and long hair (or "high cheek bones and straight black hair" as Skip Gates puts it) so we're part NDN" claim

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