1. What a ghastly individual.No wonder you have problems with your parents.Maybe you should kill yourself if you dislike being white so much.Horrid ,horrid women.Please stay away from europe.

  2. You look beautiful, but self-hating yourself and hating your own people (Europeans) is disgusting. Europeans brought civilization inventions and culture to the world. Europeans are unique and a tiny percentage of world population. You should be proud of your ancestry. Europeans are the most beautiful people on the world.

  3. Please love yourself πŸ™ you would not exist at all if it was not for your ancestors also bad things have happened in every culture and race. You are an American which means from a genetic point of view you are mostly British and german which is pretty cool πŸ™‚ I just don’t understand who could have lied to you that much to give you such a hatred of your own people? Very sad πŸ™

  4. The white self hate is strong in this one.The doctrination campaign is definitely working.Awful.

  5. What colour is your eyes and is this your natural hair colour ? x

  6. Thanks for sharing! I can imagine that you have a mixed race ancestor who was passing. Anyway, you have many languages with your European. And it may be mostly one continent, but this idea of whiteness (as well as other colors) is new. Europeans historically had thought of themselves as different races…similar to Africans, Asians, etc. back in the day. It’s all good!

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