23 and Me Ancestry DNA RESULTS

23 and Me Ancestry DNA RESULTS

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I got my results back from the “23 and Me Ancestry DNA Test” at home kit. I basically do a walk-through of most of the 23andMe site. These are the results and my genuine reactions. I hope not to offend anyone. I was just trying to make light of it all. I hope this may help anyone interested in and/or thinking about taking the test. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. You are where you born and raised. This is what you truly are, and there's a big difference between being born and raised somewhere and being a descendant of someone. Huge difference. To be submerged in the culture, customs and traditions. To speak the language be affected by the politics, economy, and day to day life of a country, this determines your influences. People are finding out they are have a Spanish or German ancestor from a hundred years ago and say "I'm Spanish". But you're not really you are merely a descendant. You weren't born there, raised there. You don't speak the language, know the culture, etc, etc. They could be 60 years old finding out about there ancestor from 300 years ago and they say with a British accent "I'm German" So weird and inaccurate. You are British but of German decent.

  2. her wrong designed eyebrow distracts me.

  3. Mexican is not a race. Guatemalan, Peruvian, Colombian is not a race. They are nationalities. Keep that in your head. Mexicans generally have Iberian Peninsula which is Spain and Portugal. You will not get Spanish DNA. It will be labeled Iberian DNA. The map Spain/Portugal is large (actually larger than present day maps show) and for that reason will sometimes show French and other people. Sometimes called Southern European. Jews were all over Europe including Spain and Portugal. Mexicans can also have Indian. The Indian part can be from all over the USA and can also include Mayan and Aztec Indians. Indian is a catch all and will sometimes be called Asian. American Indians are Asian.

    American Indians are from Alaska, Canada, Southwest Plains, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Mexico, Central American, South American. American Indians include North America and South America. North America is Canada, USA and Mexico.
    South America is Central America and all the countries in South America.

    Sorry for the geography lesson but if you want to understand the labels given you must understand what it means and where it is. Black is also included in the equation. Many, many Mexicans have Sub-Saharan African DNA. Slavery existed in Mexico too. Lots and lots (about half the number sent into America) of slaves came from African and worked and lived in Mexico. Why do you think some Mexicans are so dark? It is not all from Indian DNA.

    One last thing. Mexicans can be 100% European. 100% Spanish. They can also be 100% Indian. I don't believe that there are Mexicans who are 100% Black because they generally intermarried but in some parts of Mexican, it can be seen that some are definitely of African descent.

  4. Catholicism is a form of Christianity it’s between the catholics and the protestants

  5. You are gorgeous. And brave to post something you made mistakes on. I admire that.

  6. Ancestry DNA scores mestizo Mexicans around 4% or 5% african, but 23 and me always scores it less than 2%. I like how you narrated your result especially with the distant relatives. It's also good you shared your mtdna. Every body reading their DNA results should include their genetic haplogroup.

  7. Iberian pennisula in Spain and native American would make up most of the "Mexican" part of you.

  8. Your unassigned should go down as time goes by. However, as you said, these are estimates and not exact figures and by no means should be taken as hard proof that you are, say, British and Irish descent instead of German or French. The reason for that is…there's a huge bias toward assigning northwestern Europe and especially British and Irish to almost everyone with European ancestry because MOST of the 23andme customers are people from these regions or with heritage from these regions – but the current British population is not at all representative of what the original British genetics would have looked like 1,000 or more years ago – in the last thousand or so years there have been many invasions of the British isles, including by a lot of Germanic people, Normans, Vikings, etc, and so modern Brits are a mix of a lot of these things. What that MEANS….is that if you get British and Irish as a result…take it with a VERY large grain of salt because it's basically saying that a lot of British and Irish people had some of that dna too, but does not mean that is the original homeland of your people.

    For instance, we knew that one of my Grandfathers was half German. We have the records to show they were there for many many hundreds of years. So on paper, my mother should have gotten 25% German in hers. In truth, she got just 2 or 3%. Likewise, we know that we were from Estonia on her maternal side fro more than 700 years and quite possibly thousands of years – we have concrete proof of that, documents and all going back to medieval times. 23andme classifies Estonia as eastern European. Yet my mother was assigned just 22% 'broadly eastern" (23andme doesn't know what Estonian genes look like because we are so rare – only a million of us in the whole world) and a lot of "broadly northern" – you'd think we were less from eastern Europe than we were by those results but….evidence proves that wrong. What HAPPENED in our case was that 23andme, again, didn't really have the ability to point out Estonian genetics and so just averaged us between "broadly eastern" and "broadly northern" – which makes sense because Estonia is located where? Northeast Europe, right by Russia and South of Finland.

    Finland is another case where they mess up people's perceptions of their ancestry a lot. For political reasons, Finland is grouped by 23andme with Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, UK, Ireland etc all in one big group called "Broadly northWESTERN European".

    Well the obvious problem with that is….they're basing placing it in NW on political reasons – Finland today strongly politically and socially aligns itself with its western neigbors, Sweden and Norway, and though it is not actually a Scandinavian country, socially it is grouped together even though Finnish genetics are PROVEN to be very different from Swedes, Norwegians, and especially different from many Irish or British people. In fact, Finnish people are the group with the most asian DNA of any European people and recently were classified as their own genetic group, distinct from all other Europeans with the exception of their cousins, Estonians.

    Finland is ALSO geographically just as far east as countries which 23 calls eastern Europe – like Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, etc. Look on a map and it is very obviously in the eastern half of the European continent. SO, why is it grouped with a broad group of northwestern countries even though linguistically and genetically it is very different from them?

    As a result, people with Finnish DNA might see their Finnish dna sometimes disguised in the "broadly northwestern European" category. This will lead people to believe they have ancestry west of that area and could be anything from Ireland and Scotland eastward. That's misleading.

    My point is….the same is very much the case for other categories. Depending on the reference population and how they choose to categorize it, 23andme can very easily tell you that your ancestors were from a country that they never actually set foot in. So…grain of salt. It's fairly accurate on the continental level, though there IS some overlap between northwest asians and northeastern Europeans due to shared dna. Likewise, your Mexican ancestry would be probably seen as something much more vague – "Iberian" or "native american". Remember: there is no such thing as Mexican DNA. There is native American dna and then there is the DNA of the Europeans who colonized the Americas – but just as there is no "Canadian gene" (other than for indigenous peoples) there is no "Mexican gene" (other than for indigenous peoples). That's because the Americas have not been populated by Europeans and Africans long enough for new genetic mutations to arise that are distinct to the groups that immigrated here. Europeans have only been in the Americas for 400 years – and for many family lines, much shorter than that (my family didn't move to the U.S. until the second half of the 20th century) – so it is scientifically impossible for any new genetics to evolve that would label you as "genetically Mexican".

  9. I too have grandparents from Mexico with Aztec relatives, I don't think 23&me has Aztec or Mayan? 🙁

  10. Wow sorry if I sound rude but Mexican is not a race xD! Mexican people have a varying degree of Native American, European and African blood. Once upon a time 150 to 200 years ago Mexico was a bit like the U.S. in the sense that white Iberians (or spaniards) lived separately from the native americans (which were the majority) and the african slaves. But unlike the U.S. which remained segregated and xenophobic, Mexico decided to integrate completely and unite as one (Mexican identity). This happened after Mexico's independence from Spain! Spaniards married Native Americans, Native Americans married Africans and eventually mixed race married mixed race.

  11. Mexicans are not native American. People are so wrong. Mexicans are a mix of European and native American. And etc. There were no Mexicans before the Spanish came, there were tribes of people's native to this land. So sick of people denying their European lineage. I'm Hispanic but our family has always taught our knew generations our history. We came from Europe and mixed with native people. Your not Mexican if your not born in Mexico. Check what the Mexican goverment says. If your not a Mexican citizen you can't own land in Mexico. This has been a lie people use to keep us in a voting block and for group thinking. Your American Hispanic!

  12. Your unassigned accounts for a lot of your genetic make up. It is my understanding that as Genetic testing matures 23andme will be updating your results IF you agreed to let them keep your sample. How fun that you have ancestors from unfamiliar places. It will be interesting to learn more thorugh genealogy research. Thanks for sharing

  13. The Native American is the Mexican. Mexicans were Native Americans (Indians) before Spain got there. And, the Native Americans, came long long ago, from Asia, over a land bridge from China/Russia to Canada and down the Americas.
    The Iberian means Spain/Portugal and some Jewish possibly.

  14. Mexico would fall under native american 🙂

  15. My 23andMe results were super unexpected. Not to mention they connected me with some of my long lost relatives! Just uploaded an in-depth review + unboxing on my channel 🙂

  16. Mexico es una mezcla de españoles y nativo americanos. Iberia es España, y lo mas probable es que tu 36% Southern Europe viene de España y un poco de Italia, hay que recordar que el Imperio Romano conquista España (Hispania) hace 2000 años. Cada español tiene algo de sangre italiana

  17. Your Mexican is probably split between your African, Native American and East Asian, Iberian. Mexican is not considered an ethnicity, but a nationality. And all Mexicans have their own unique mix. Like for Example another Latin American country, Argentina, has mostly European influence from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Very little Native American influence in Argentina. Oh yeah, and before European contact, Everybody in Mexico was Native American. It's why on your timeline, it shows Native American way back in your ancestry. All the broad stuff on your results would probably be better broken down on Ancestry.com. I took that test as well.

  18. Lmfao ur so dumb Mexican isn't a race u need to read basic history

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