1. Asia + Pacific Islanders + American = Native American….so about 6% Native American.

  2. Granny is from mali and west Africa ,so hurry up and take her to her african Home before she dies in Pocahontas land without returning home in this lifetime .that will surely take some slave burden off her soul .you all belong to that blood.

  3. Britain was also african before romans invaded ,todays britain stil have 9% african Dna.from those times /dont cofuse with thenew afric bloodan migration to britain in 50,s thats diferent so if grand ma has british blood that is not proof its white blood.it could also be Black Britsh blood.as the queen elizabeth ,her sister queen also was about 40% african didnt you see the wedding of prince Harry to africanamerican-mix princess in 2018.well the queen told him they are not the first black.mixed couple on the British throne,his aunt was also,as well as herself .so do your study and stop clinging to ignorance black blood was way before indian blood.its indians that comes from Africans .,not the other way around.so stop with that nonsense!

  4. The DNA test are Scams. Do your research you don't need a test to tell you what you are. Our grandparents know what their heritage is.So sad watching these videos.

  5. That was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing ??

  6. Have your results been updated recently? I wonder if it changed the Native American totals.

  7. Like Paul Mooney said she's 100% black African nigga . And Native Americans eyes

  8. she's pretty much African..88% is high for African Americans??

  9. She looks and talk so healthy for an 101 year old what a wonderful 101 years❤️

  10. Most blacks were never exposed to. Native people. Most were just mulatto.

  11. I'm irish./ English yet my low confidence region showed Mexican tribal and a Polynesian ancestor!!!

  12. I know what your Nan's thinking, shit those whiteys get every where!!

  13. Caucasian ,native american?? What the fuck! Pure african

  14. Shes beautiful wow the stories she must have told u she lived threw some stuff and thank god she got to. See president Barack Obama

  15. Why do niggas wanna be everything but black? You’re not Indian sweetheart.. ??‍♂️

  16. Did your grandma’s results change recently? They updated things and my low confidence regions disappeared. Anyway, she’s so sweet and you are so blessed to have her in your life.

  17. Your Grandma is a Hebrew! The places you mentioned in west Africa is where they were taken from check out the history .

  18. This is just wrong she told y'all what she is… SHE'S NATIVE. You'll believe fake jews over though right. I say this in love

  19. They’ve just recently updated the data on AncestryDNA, you should check back to see if her results changed. I’d love to hear her updated results.

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