10 Shocking Results from DNA Ancestry Tests

10 Shocking Results from DNA Ancestry Tests

Ancestry tests provided by companies like 23andMe, Ancestry.com, and Helix are more popular than they’ve ever been. As more people have their DNA tested to see where in the world their ancestors came from, it’s led to some fascinating results. In some cases, the results are downright shocking and can uncover secrets that have been buried for years, if not decades.

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  1. This video is not the least bit shocking. zzz

  2. So me and my wife got into this whole DNA-test mumbo jumbo…turns out we are both 80%redneck and 20% stupid…what i dont get though: why was our dna 50% identical isnt that just supposed to be with your children or so?

  3. I have 15 siblings I'm still looking for 3 of them I grew up with w and for the last 10 years I have been slowly finding the rest thinking about doing a dna test as well my brother hit 23 and me and I wanna go with a diffrent one of get a wider range

  4. It DNA a mix ??u R. English 4 percent n Native American 31 percent n Iberian Peninsula 33 percent n list gose on ?than a year later they Science update ?they say????????than 15 places get ??Re done on Percent ??????????????????now I go pale face???to tell people was not this n that Percent ?????so I n up playin Song ????I m A full Beliver???????n paid $159. To look like a fool ?????? yes ancestry DNA????

  5. My 2nd cousin took one of these tests it said we are from Pitman New Jersey rather than Robinson County Tennessee even though we still have family in Tennessee. I feel I should take a test due to the fact our last names are spelled different just to see if the results are the same.

  6. DNA testing only tests about 3% of 120 people from your ancestral DNA, lol. If you take more than one of the DNA tests, you will find they DO NOT have the same info and if you go as far as take 4 or more of the DNA tests, then you'll get back 4 different results. They are all testing the same material in the same methodology, so it's up to you to figure out why the results are all different.
    As for the man that was the "white nationalist," why are you referring to him as "garbage?" I would never cast aspersions on someone if the were a "black nationalist," a "white nationalist," or a "Jewish nationalist." This seems highly racist of you, tbh.

  7. Huh? so being Jewish REALLY is a race? I am confused is it a religion?

  8. Okay, I found out that I have 2% Native American DNA even though I am a Bangladeshi. Freaking weird!!!

  9. I work too hard for my money to hand to someone so they can tell me something useless .

  10. Neanderthal ancestry? We are Neanderthal. We fall for this crap.

  11. LOL I don't need DNA to tell me who my dad is. I just look at pictures of my dad. The only question would be who my mom was. LOL

  12. They are not even geninue fake as usual junk science

  13. Too many unforeseen future implications possible for me to submit something so personal. They come off on tv like they want the results more than I do, which makes me apprehensive. Anyway, I know very well who my family is. When they live to over a hundred you just ask and they tell ya all about it.

  14. Took a DNA ancestry test and turns out I'm a prince from Saudi and I kept receiving emails from them giving me $20 million. Maybe I should send them my bank account so they can transfer it.

  15. My 23andMe Neanderthal variant count is 341 This is more than 94% of 23andMe customers. I love it and have explored what we really know about my Neanderthal ancestors…My Family.

  16. I can see the fur through your shirt you hairy hipster

  17. I'm both excited and scared to take a DNA test for the family. I look a lot like my grandpa in his early 30's and I make the same kind of moves like my dad (nods, shrugs, facial expressions, we even clear our throats the exact same way (LOUDLY, lol), so I'm sure he's my dad. My brother, on the other hand, doesn't look like anyone else in the family, and over the years it sometimes bugged me. Did my mom have an affair while married to my dad, got pregnant and told him it was his? I don't really want to know.

  18. Slow down. Were you in a hurry making this video.

  19. Seriously stupid question here. But im so confused on how a race is defined, yea you can be born in england and u would be a European but if both ur parents are from russia then what are u, European or russian, like do different races have some sort of difference in dna, thats what im so confused about

  20. Either this video's moderator is the same guy as Simon from Today I found out or they have really, really, really similar voices…. and then I see him 😀

  21. Iberian IS european! I'm Portuguese and we are Iberians – Europeans!

  22. This fellow is interesting, but my hearing isn't fast enough to keep up with him. ?

  23. I've always been obsessed with Vikings and I found out I'm actually 18% Scandinavian but the most interesting part was I found out my great grandfather actually came to America in 1930s and was a WW2 vet! He then ran into some trouble and fled to Cuba (my gran told me the real story when I confronted her). That test was the best money I ever spent.

  24. Ha ha ha, white supremacist fuckhead turns out to be 14% subsaharan African. Brilliant, he must want to lynch himself. Oh the irony, the universe certainly has a sense of humour.

  25. Shocking, 5 % Earth, 25 % Mars, 10 % Venus, 16 % Titan and 44% Kepler-442b ! I miss my home ?

  26. So messed up. I've been wondering what Trump's dna is. He can eat McDonald's and still function properly, and the medic at the White House claims that his dna is great.

  27. When the child doesn't resemble
    either of you, that's a big red flag.
    Unfortunately, denial defeats it.

  28. Simon does Great!
    PLEASE, Don't do Any DNA TESTING!! They DO Share with the Government!! CIA Helped Fund Them!! Why, you ask? Because then they have a DNA Data base for organ Harvesting!! So, if a BIG Wig needs a kidney transplant… Poof! You're targeted. You are Not a Volunteering Donor. I really wonder if this is Why so many people go LOST!? I wish I had info if these "missing" people had their DNA Testing done……. Interesting question!?! -Please, research for yourself!

  29. That first one is not that shocking. These women could have had distant ancestors during British occupation in North America that might have had children with native Americans and the children brought back to England. Surely this is possible.

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